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Parliamentary elections in 2023. PiS is running an informal campaign. Róża Rzeplińska on the activities of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

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The prime minister visited Warsaw on August 1, Ruda Śląska on August 2, Suwałki on August 3, Kwidzyn on August 4, Wejherowo on August 5, and Tarczyn on August 7. – His task is to rule the state, not to communicate election slogans – said Róża Rzeplińska, head of the website I have the right to know, on TVN24. She emphasized that the head of the government “should give up activities aimed at communicating the future election campaign by the date of the election announcement”.

Róża Rzeplińska, head of the website I have the right to know, spoke on TVN24 about the ongoing informal election campaign and picnics of Law and Justice, financed from public money.

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– If we look at the announcements of the Government Information Centre, social media of deputies, ministers and the Prime Minister, it turns out that the election campaign is conducted with the institutional support of the ministries, implicitly the committee that is in power at the moment, has at its disposal financial resources, advertising, promotional – she pointed out.

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She added that yesterday’s statement by Prime Minister Morawiecki in Tarczyn was “special”. – The prime minister from 800 plus went through a conversation about political rivals and information that we do not want to live as we do Francefor our children to grow up safely – said Rzeplińska.

– We have three elements. The first is information about the 800 plus program, which is quite simple. We know that the benefit will be implemented, period. The second piece of information is that your opponent won’t do it. What is it if not discrediting an opponent, joining political competition? Three – drawing in, promoting election slogans, which in a moment will probably be very loud in the campaign, i.e. anti-immigrant, built on security and fear – she explained.

Prime Minister at the 800 plus picnic in TarczynPAP/Pawel Supernak

“His task is to rule the state, not to communicate election slogans”

The head of the website I have the right to know also said that she “did a review of where the prime minister was for a week”. I have quite a big problem with that. Is the Prime Minister taking leave for the duration of the pre-campaign he is conducting? she wondered.

– On Tuesday, August 1, he was in Warsaw during the celebration of the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, on August 2 he was in Ruda Śląska, on August 3 in Suwałki, on August 4 in Kwidzyn, on August 5 in Wejherowo, on August 7 in Tarczyn. It was all meetings, picnics, promotion of the government program, local investments, information about the eastern flank FOR THIS she enumerated.

She emphasized that “in order for the election campaign to be fair, the prime minister should, for the duration of the pre-campaign, until the announcement of electionslimit its activities, or, in fact, give up activities that are aimed at communicating the future election campaign.” – And this is happening at the moment. Its task is to rule the state, not to communicate election slogans – said Rzeplińska.

Main photo source: PAP/Pawel Supernak

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