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Parliamentary elections in 2023. Professor Andrzej Zoll: until 1993, there were no cases where the funds of election committees were so unequal

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We are dealing with free elections, but not fair elections. They are simply dishonest – said Professor Andrzej Zoll in “Fakty po Faktach”. The former head of the National Electoral Commission and the former president of the Constitutional Tribunal spoke about disproportions in the resources available to various electoral committees. In his opinion, the level of these inequalities “is really very glaring.” He said that participation in elections was a sign of patriotism and a moral duty.

President Andrzej Duda announced the date on Tuesday parliamentary elections in 2023. They will take place on October 15. The opposition has repeatedly signaled that the rulers are campaigning before it officially begins, using public money for this. She alleged that it was unfair to other parties due to disparities in access to funds.

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Professor Andrzej Zoll, former president of the Constitutional Tribunal, former Ombudsmanas well as the former chairman of the National Electoral Commission, said in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 that the lack of equality when it comes to access to campaign finance “is indeed very glaring”.

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Former head of the PKW: until 1993 there were no cases where the funds were so unequal

– I was the chairman of the National Electoral Commission in the first years of our democracy, until 1993, but there have never been such cases where the chances and resources at the disposal of individual electoral committees were so unequal – he admitted.

– We can’t deny that Law and Justice, the ruling party, has a television station at its disposal. Actually, this is the ruling television, of the ruling party, not public television. So here’s a very serious tilt of the odds. And not only that. When it comes to the media, it’s a matter of television, it’s a matter of the local press, he continued.

In his opinion, this allows “to conclude that we are dealing with elections free, but not fair elections”. – They are simply unfair – he assessed. Zoll pointed out that “always if (elections – ed.) are conducted in an unfair way – that is, one of the parties has a better chance, can conduct more intensive their election campaign – it certainly has some influence on the outcome of the election.

The former head of the NEC also assessed that participation in the vote “is our moral duty”. – This is how patriotism manifests itself by participating in elections. Because I would like and can express my support for one or another political party, election committee in the election act – he said.

Professor Zoll on participation in elections: it is our moral dutyTVN24

Zoll on Niedzielski: We must not be indifferent. There is a need to respond to violations of fundamental human rights

The TVN24 guest also spoke about the former Minister of Health Adam Niedzielskiwhich on Tuesday was canceled. A few days earlier, he publicly disclosed the drugs prescribed by a doctor who spoke negatively about the changes in issuing e-prescriptions. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, informing about Niedzielski’s resignation, mentioned that the election campaign is a time when “we must be particularly sensitive to any mistake, to one word too many“.

According to Zoll, the action of the former head of the Ministry of Health cannot be qualified as a mistake, because “first of all it was intentional”. – A mistake is made only by a person who violates (…) a legal norm, but does so unintentionally. I mean, he has no intention of committing an act that is against the law, so it’s definitely not a mistake.”

Zoll about Niedzielski's actions: it cannot be qualified as an error because it was intentional

Zoll about Niedzielski’s actions: it cannot be qualified as an error because it was intentionalTVN24

He added that Niedzielski’s behavior “is only one of several very glaring accidents” when it comes to the ruling party. We’ve had more of these cases recently. And I associated it with a statement by Mr. Marian Turski, who I respect very much, who (…) during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz gave the eleventh commandment: do not be indifferent – recalled Zoll.

“I have to say that I am very pleased with the public’s reaction to these accidents. I especially like the attitude of the Supreme Medical Chamber. This solidarity with this doctor whose details have been disclosed. The drugs he is taking have been revealed. This is a scandal and we must not be indifferent.

He emphasized that “one must absolutely react to this type of violation of fundamental human rights.” – The right to privacy is a fundamental right protecting human dignity, and this is probably the most important value – said the former president of the Constitutional Tribunal.

Zoll: We must not be indifferent.  There is a need to respond to violations of fundamental human rights

Zoll: We must not be indifferent. There is a need to respond to violations of fundamental human rightsTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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