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Parliamentary elections in 2023. Szymon Hołownia: the opposition has a lesson to do today

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The electorate of the Civic Platform and the electorate of Donald Tusk alone are not enough to defeat PiS and the Confederation. And we are facing this threat today – said Szymon Hołownia in “Kropka nad i”, referring to the support of opposition parties before the upcoming parliamentary elections. He assessed that “a lesson to be learned” for the opposition groups is “to build four-five percent” more support.

Leader of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk publishes recordings on social mediaon which it refers to the government’s migration policy. – Kaczyński is targeting foreigners and immigrants, and at the same time he wants to let in hundreds of thousands of them, and from such countries – said the former prime minister in one of the recordings.

Hołownia: today we have a lesson to do

Leader of Poland 2050 Simon Holownia in “Kropka nad i” he was asked, among other things, whether the leader’s strategy AFTERto “score the power”, brings positive effects for the opposition. Hołownia assessed that this was “entangling in Kaczyński’s game”. “If you’re talking to me about the effects, I don’t see them.” I see the opposition’s lowest ratings in a very long time,” he said.

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We have a lesson to do today. We must build four-five percent more, the Platform must build its own four-five percent more, the Left must build four-five percent more. This is the only chance – driving, persuading, showing, because the electorate of the Civic Platform alone and the electorate of Donald Tusk is not enough to defeat not PISbut PiS and the Confederation. And we face this threat today – he said.

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Referring to the support for the jointly created by Poland 2050 i Polish People’s Party of the Third Way coalition, Hołownia noted that “it is so that we are just starting this journey”. – There are slip-ups, there are organizational mistakes, but this train is moving. We want to convince people that it is really the case that the outcome of these elections will not be determined by who will be first, but who will be third – he said.

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