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Parliamentary elections in 2023. The first motion for a trial in electoral mode submitted by PO

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PiS will have to apologize for lying in a spot about 15% unemployment during Tusk’s rule. Yes, there was 15 percent or more unemployment, but under Kaczyński, said Civic Platform spokesman Jan Grabiec, informing about the submission of the first application for a trial in the electoral mode in this campaign.

The spokesman for the Civic Platform, Jan Grabiec, announced the election process in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon.

“We have filed the first electoral process in this campaign. The hearing will be tomorrow (Thursday – ed.) at 11. PiS will have to apologize for lying in the spot about 15 percent unemployment during the rule of Prime Minister Tusk. Yes, 15 percent and more unemployment was “, but for Prime Minister Kaczyński. The spot was supposed to prove the superiority of the PiS government over the PO, but the facts show that it is exactly the opposite,” he wrote.

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Spot of Law and Justice

On Monday Law and Justice published a spot on social media convincing that the former prime minister and leader of PO Donald Tusk “Doesn’t deserve another chance.”

“I remember when Tusk ruled; I remember I lost my job because unemployment was 15 percent; I remember how he raised the retirement age for women from 60 to 67; I remember how he voted against support for Polish families; I remember how he disarmed Poland; I remember how he hugged with Putin,” the heroes of the spot pointed out.

Election process

Pursuant to the Electoral Code, the district court examines the application submitted in the electoral procedure within 24 hours. Within the next 24 hours, the parties have time to submit their appeal to the appellate court, which hears them within 24 hours.

The decision of the court of second instance is not subject to a cassation appeal and is subject to immediate execution. The correction, answer or apology is published within 48 hours at the latest, at the cost of the obligated party. In the decision, the court indicates the medium, within the meaning of the press law, in which the publication is to take place and the date of publication.

Main photo source: ANDRZEJ IWANCZUK/East News

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