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Parliamentary elections in 2023. The Left on proposals for seniors, Third Way on solutions for entrepreneurs. Political Saturday

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The Left presented on Saturday in Dąbrowa Górnicza a program regarding senior policy as part of the “Holiday Route of the Left”. In turn, a program conference “Economic Poland” was held in the Sejm with the participation of the leaders of the Third Way coalition – the president of PSL Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and the head of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia. Politicians talked about solutions guaranteeing stability for entrepreneurs.

On Saturday, the leaders of the Left presented a senior policy program called “Challenges of contemporary Social Democracy: Active Senior and dignified old age” as part of the “Holiday Route of the Left”.

Vladimir Czarzasty, deputy marshal of the Sejm, co-chairman of Nowa, emphasized in his speech that the Left wants to build a modern welfare state that “will be safe”. – We want to expand public services. You will hear from us non-stop, non-stop before and after the elections, about public services, he announced.

Katarzyna Kotula and Włodzimierz CzarzastyTVN24

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He explained that he was referring to good hospitals where good medical care is provided, where it is safe to give birth to a child and which have not been privatized.

– (Public services) is a nursery for every family, a kindergarten available to every family. A safe country is an apartment for everyone – a cheap apartment for cheap rent, with a good standard. A safe state means good transport – said Czarzasty.

“We cannot retirees, we cannot leave pensioners without help”

He added that a safe state also means “a good old age, a worthy second part of life and a dignified experience of all that awaits each of us.” – We cannot retirees, we cannot leave pensioners without help. These are hospitals, this is the right to use cultural goods. This is really important. That is why the Left is different and will be different from all political forces in Poland, because we will always emphasize the importance of public services. For us, this is one of the most important priorities of our policy, said the politician of the Left.

Kotula: senior policy will be one of the priorities of social policy,

MP Katarzyna Kotula pointed out that safety for the oldest people means decent pensions, inheriting some of the benefits from relatives, access to geriatric doctors, a clinic close to home, medicines for PLN 5, money from the state for holidays, care services and quick appointments in health care.

– The left wants a safe Poland to be a safe senior – said the MP. – Today we make a promise that senior policy will be one of the priorities of social policy, which will be co-created by the Left in the autumn – announced Kotula.

Kotula: today the face of poverty often has the face of a pensionerTVN24

Easier access to a doctor, medicines for PLN 5

Adrian Zandberg, co-chairman of the Together Party, assessed that the public health budget should be increased to 8 percent of GDP. But this money must also be spent wisely, he stressed. – So that the doctor on duty was really, and not just on paper – he added.

The politician emphasized the role of educating more physiotherapists and investing in specialist equipment. – If someone needs equipment, they get it at home – said the MP. According to him, he should also receive any other help he needs, e.g. washing the window or shopping. “This allows people to live on their own for longer – they don’t have to move in with family, they don’t have to think about DPS, and the daughter doesn’t have to quit her job to take care of her ailing father,” he noted.

Speaking about drugs, Zandberg assessed that health is a class issue today, and if someone does not have money – lives shorter. He recalled the bill on medicines for PLN 5 – all, not just selected ones.

Zandberg also said that “it is high time that a free dentist on the National Health Fund included full dental care, as well as modern prosthetic care.” – Rehabilitation, a new drug reimbursement system, a free dentist and a prosthetist – these are not luxuries, they should be standard – he stressed.

Assisted estates, widow’s pension

MP Anna-Maria Żukowska spoke about housing policy. She emphasized that every building – in the countryside and in the city – should be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and seniors, so as not to become “prisoners of the fourth floor”, i.e. not be forced to isolate, for example, by the lack of facilities. She also talked about “assisted housing estates”, which would be dedicated to the elderly, and where you can use the help of a nurse or social worker around the clock.

Żukowska also drew attention to dishonest telemarketing and canvassing, the victims of which are older people today. She announced that the Left would like to strengthen the office of Competition and Consumer Protectionto impose heavy fines on dishonest companies.

MP Arkadiusz Iwaniek spoke about one of the flagship projects of the Left – widow’s pension, which was submitted to the Sejm as a civic project. As he reminded, currently in the marriage of pensioners, when the husband dies, the woman has the right to choose: she either keeps her pension or resigns from it and takes a survivor’s pension. He stressed that the Left proposed that a widow could either keep her old age pension plus 50 percent of her husband’s pension, or choose her husband’s pension and add 50 percent of her old age pension. Iwaniek also announced that the bill on the widow’s pension is to be dealt with by the Sejm at the next week’s meeting.

The Third Way about “Economic Poland”

In the morning in the Sejm, politicians of the Third Way – the president of PSL Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz and head of Poland 2050 Simon Holownia took part in the “Polska Gospodarna” program conference, where issues related to entrepreneurs and coalition proposals for them were discussed.

Simon HolowniaTVN24

As Kosiniak-Kamysz said, entrepreneurs “build an extremely strong foundation for the Polish economy”, which, as he pointed out, began with the political changes at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. The politician referred to the so-called the Wilczek Act, which entered into force at the beginning of 1989 and significantly liberalized the rules running a business in the People’s Republic of Poland. – We will refer to it in our program of the Third Way. To the simplicity and clarity of solutions, a simple message and a system that does not punish you for spreading your wings, but helps to spread your wings as wide as possible – indicated Kosiniak-Kamysz.

– As the Third Way, we appeal to people, work, active people, entrepreneurs. We want to be your representative in parliament. We want to be a formation for which economic Poland is the main goal of action – said the leader of the peasants’ party. He emphasized that the best election result of the “Third Way” is a guarantee of “the removal of PiS from power” and the beginning of “economic Poland”.

Kosiniak-Kamysz on tax simplification, voluntary ZUS contribution for sole proprietorships

The politician pointed to the need to “restore the rule of law” in areas such as economic, labor and social security law. As he assessed, the state must “appreciate those who create jobs”.

Kosiniak-Kamysz pointed out that it is crucial to restore stability and not change the regulations that are important for entrepreneurs “every two or three weeks”. He reminded that PSL called for a program to introduce voluntary ZUS contributions for sole proprietorships or “holidays from ZUS” in difficult times for business. He also drew attention to the issue of “tax simplification”.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: no more degradation of the Polish entrepreneur

Kosiniak-Kamysz: no more degradation of the Polish entrepreneur TVN24

– I want to talk about one idea – it’s more an idea of ​​PSL – which today starts its social consultations for companies. (…) It is about a tax system that replaces CIT and PIT, and introduces a single, flat tax – 10 percent. to a turnover of up to PLN 10 million, and 15 percent for those who have a larger turnover – pointed out the PSL leader. He also announced the “restoration of social dialogue” and increased the role of consultations between entrepreneurs and employees.

– We would like to appoint a representation of the professional self-government – said Kosiniak-Kamysz. He assessed that a “general economic self-government” was needed, which would allow “many disputes to be settled by the community, not by the courts”.

Hołownia: the Polish state is parasitic on entrepreneurs

Hołownia said that “today, the state, especially in relation to people running a business, to entrepreneurs, has adopted a strategy of not respect, but the strategy of a parasite”. – Today, it must be said directly, the Polish state is parasitic on entrepreneurs instead of supporting them, instead of wanting this flock to grow – the politician assessed.

According to Hołownia, “the removal of PLN 7 billion in health premiums from the pockets of entrepreneurs year on year by the Polish Order and not ensuring a shorter queue for a day when their relatives need to see an orthopedist, endocrinologist or cardiologist” is “contempt”. – In total, the contributions to the Social Insurance Institution and the National Health Fund, entrepreneurs paid PLN 53 billion more year on year. Imagine the scale of this contempt. What’s the money for? We all know very well: the Saxon Palace needs to be rebuilt, said Hołownia.

Hołownia about the nine guarantees of the Third Way

The leader of Poland 2050 presented nine guarantees of the Third Way, which Poland 2050 and PSL have committed to implement if they are in the government.

– -First thing: we will fix and simplify taxes (…). The practice in which we are theoretically told that it is not allowed to change the tax law a month before the beginning of the tax year, and they will amend the regulations already next year, needs to be stopped. And you have to have a habilitation to know what they mean,’ he announced.

He added that the Poland 2050 program includes a uniform tribute. We are discussing this with our partners. However, already today we agree that we should give the state a guarantee of stability and calming down the system by not increasing key taxes until 2026. PIT, CIT, VAT – until 2026 a moratorium – he declared.

Hołownia also announced the introduction of a family PIT system simplifying things, among others for women entrepreneurs. According to the leader of Poland 2050, “if we are to have more children in Poland, we must give a tax system like France and Belgium.” “The more children, the lower the tax,” he explained.

Another postulate mentioned by Hołownia is the health insurance. – It is about restoring the rules that were in force before, so that the health insurance premium is a health insurance premium, so that we can later renovate the health care system, and that taxes are taxes – he added.

Hołownia also announced “breath for entrepreneurs”. – It cannot be that the responsibility for the contractor’s dishonesty is shifted onto the entrepreneur. The issue of VAT on unpaid invoices is elementary honesty – he stressed.

Hołownia: the Polish state is parasitic on entrepreneurs

Hołownia: the Polish state is parasitic on entrepreneursTVN24

Another announced solution is “holidays on ZUS contributions for entrepreneurs going through difficult times”. – It is much more profitable – to suspend fees and contributions – than later to pay the costs of the fact that a number of people landed on the pavement – noticed Hołownia.

He added that in accordance with the guarantees of the Third Way, ZUS will pay sick leave from the first day of sick leave. – This first month, which the entrepreneur was burdened with, is absurd – he assessed.

Hołownia stressed that one of his proposals was to “rebuild the state’s trust in citizens”. – The presumption of innocence applies to everyone, except for the entrepreneur. An entrepreneur by default is someone who probably spins something. So you have to follow him, you have to track him, you have to access his account, you have to corner him. And the entrepreneur is supposed to be someone for whom the tax office rolls out the red carpet, because it will bring taxes. We want to completely reverse the system.

He added that Poland 2050 “will restore the principle of the presumption of innocence in economic matters and increase the responsibility of officials for the interpretations they issue and will simplify the system of issuing binding tax interpretations.”

Main photo source: TVN24, PAP

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