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Parliamentary elections in 2023. Waldemar Pawlak: Polarization is destructive. The third party will decide who will govern

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Who will rule in Poland will be decided not by the first, not the second, but the third party – said Waldemar Pawlak in “Jeden na single”, referring to the latest election polls. The former prime minister also spoke about “lex Tusk”. – This committee is an example of parochial and peripheral thinking about politics – he assessed.

On Saturday in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, the PSL convention under the slogan “Third Way” will take place. It will be attended by politicians of the Polish People’s Party and Poland 2050 Szymon Hołowniaincluding the leaders of both groups: Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz and Szymon Hołownia. – We want to show Poles that they are not doomed to a war between two tribes – said Hołownia. We are the perfect choice for those who are fed up with PiS and do not want to vote for PO, added Dariusz Klimczak, PSL deputy president.

– We need to look for solutions that combine, that build a third way and an alternative to this polarization that is destroying our country and the entire society – said Waldemar Pawlak, former prime minister, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Polish Peasant Party, on Saturday in the program “One for One” on TVN24.

When asked how PSL intends to run in the elections – whether it will be a coalition of parties with an eight-percent threshold or an election committee with a 5-percent threshold for the Sejm, Pawlak replied that “these are technical matters”. – This is a matter of choosing the very technique of coalition functioning. alone United Right functions as PiS’s electoral committee, he noted.

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Pawlak: it is not the first, not the second, but the third party that decides who will govern

Pawlak also referred to the latest election polls. As follows from the latest research employee Kantar32 percent of those declaring their intention to participate in the elections would vote for the Civic Coalition. Received the same result Law and Justice. Compared to the previous survey, KO gained 4 percentage points, and PiS – 1 percentage point. In the ranking, Konfederacja (no change) and Trzecia Droga (-3 pp) have ex aequo 25 percentage points less (7 percent each). Voting for the Left was declared by 6 percent of respondents (-2 pp). Agrounia won 1 percent and Agreement – 0 percent.

Party preferences of Poles. Kantar Public poll (June 16-21, 2023)Halter Public

– These results show that what Professor Flis said, that the growing polarization will push out the remaining parties, is true. And that this polarization is destructive for Poland, said the former prime minister on TVN24. He added that “our strategy also works well in that it is not the first, not the second, but the third party that decides who will govern.” – The government will be able to form the Third Way, the Left and civil Platform he noted

– We are primarily considering scenarios that aim at winning the elections, and the democratically won elections will be when the Third Way is strong enough to support the first party enough to form a government – said Pawlak.

Pawlak stated that “elections should give voters a chance to choose the greater good, not the lesser evil.” “Poland will either be well governed or there will be waste, as we see now,” he added.

When asked whether, if Law and Justice wins the election, PSL will decide to stay in the opposition benches or enter into a coalition with Kaczyński’s party, Pawlak replied that “at the moment it is not likely that PiS will win.” “He pointed out that there are “fundamental differences” between his party and PiS. He pointed to different approaches to fighting high prices, to the rule of law and the European Union. – If we look at it in terms of values ​​and fundamental interests, then there is no has no (coalition) possibilities, he argued.

Third time lucky

When asked whether he would fight again for a seat in the Senate from the 38th district in the upcoming parliamentary elections, he replied that it was “most likely”. – It seems that this is also a role for the older generation to function in the chamber of reflection – he said.

Pawlak lost twice in this constituency to Marek Martynowski from PiS. – Now the situation is completely different. It’s obvious that they have concerns too. In 2019, the difference was very small, at that time the climate was different, now it is also a different climate.

Pawlak on “lex Tusk”: an example of parochial thinking about politics

From May 31, the Act on the State Commission for the Study of Russian Influences on the Internal Security of the Republic of Poland in the years 2007-2022 – called “lex Tusk” – has been in force. On its basis, a commission to investigate Russian influences can be established. However, this commission has not yet been established, no candidates have even been submitted to it, for which the MPs’ clubs had until June 14.

According to Pawlak, this commission is “an example of parochial and peripheral thinking about politics.”

“There is no committee at the moment,” he said. As he added, “simply complaining about the unconstitutionality is weak.” – We still need to show that this committee is, firstly, absurd and, secondly, harmful – argued the former prime minister.

“What’s happening in Russia today could be symptoms like the Soviet Union”

Finally, Pawlak referred to the latest events in Russia, where the Wagnerian rebellion is taking place.

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As he said, “in the years 2010-2014, the Americans took steps to offer Russia cooperation, aimed at ensuring that the Russians could find themselves in the transatlantic orbit and be an important element in competition with China.” “Russia has chosen a completely different path, but this is Russia’s choice,” he pointed out. As he assessed, “what is happening in Russia today may be symptoms such as with the Soviet Union, which fell apart not because it was attacked, but fell apart because it fell over under its weight, precisely because it was full of waste. and incompetent governance.

Main photo source: TVN24

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