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Party at the Sejm hotel. Łukasz Mejza talks about traditions from the parliamentary podium

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Łukasz Mejza (PiS club) from the parliamentary podium said that he was the “main perpetrator” of the event in the parliamentary hotel, about which residents complained. He said he was “outraged” by the criticism for restoring the tradition of “common, choral singing of Polish patriotic songs, interspersed with a slightly more humorous and convivial repertoire.”

On the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a loud party with the participation of MPs took place in the Sejm hotel. Its hit was supposed to be a remake of a song by the band Myslovitz, which refers to the scandal involving Grzegorz Braun from Konfederacja. – I was only there for a moment. Did I sing loudly? No, PiS club MP Kamil Bortniczuk told “Super Express”.

Marshal Szymon Hołownia said on Friday that he found out about the event because residents reported the loudspeakers to the police.

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Łukasz Mejza

Mejza “the main perpetrator of this confusion”

Łukasz Mejza from the Law and Justice club commented on the events at the parliamentary hotel on Friday. – Recently, all of Poland was having – as one tabloid wrote – a “wild party” in the Sejm. I have received hundreds of calls regarding this matter, lots of messages and congratulations, the MP began.

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He admitted that many journalists asked him for a comment on this matter, which is why he decided to speak about this situation from the parliamentary podium. – As probably the main perpetrator of this confusion, I decided to address it personally from the parliamentary podium. Refer and at the same time express outrage – said Łukasz Mejza.

His indignation – as he said – was aroused by the criticism of “some circles, especially the leftist ones”. – Criticism for the fact that in the Sejm of the Republic of Poland we are restoring the best traditions of this place for many years. Traditions consisting of joint, choral singing of Polish patriotic songs, interspersed with a slightly more humorous and convivial repertoire – he said.

A recording of the event that took place at the parliamentary hotel (with subtitles prepared by “Super Express” – ed.)“Super Express”

Bosak: it wasn't about singing, it was about breaking the silence at night

At the end of his speech, Mejza said that “unlike the coalition of December 13”, he did not lie either politically or musically.

His words were commented on by the chairman of the meeting, Vice-Marshal Krzysztof Bosak (Confederation). – It seems that it wasn't about singing, but about violating the night curfew rules. I think that as MPs we should make sure that residents of nearby buildings do not have to call the police, said Bosak.

Mejza, former deputy minister of sports, won parliamentary re-election from the Law and Justice lists. He lost his government position in 2021 amid a scandal about making money persuading parents of terminally ill children for treatment with an unproven method.

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