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Party of IT specialists – the heroes of the photo made international careers

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Whoever has the Internet in Poland, probably knows the photo, which is most often – quite maliciously – called “the party of IT specialists”. For years, photography has evoked a smile, and should have been admirable. Especially looking at the amazing achievements of one of its heroes, who mastered one of the most important modern languages ​​- the programming language.

Four young mathematicians sitting in a cafeteria in gray sweaters – this photo broke records of popularity on the Internet. This is what the “computer scientists party” looked like for many years. – I remember those times very well. This photo was from the Math Olympiad. From the camp of the mathematical Olympiad for winners – says Tomasz Czajka, a programmer, one of the heroes of the photo.

However, photography hides another story – a story of huge success. Three of the men immortalized in the photo made an international career. Tomasz Czajka achieved the greatest successes. The programmer worked, among others, in the space company SpaceX. – I worked for 6.5 years on the navigation of the Dragon vehicle, a manned vehicle that now takes people to the International Space Station – says Czajka. The man reached for the stars, although he did not expect it – he had no idea about aerospace engineering or astronautics, but these shortcomings allowed him to overcome the universal programming language. – The ability to program was very useful to me. I didn’t have to know space technology to be useful in this industry – he argues.

The mathematician’s photo went viral on the internetprivate archive

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Similar opportunities for students of Polish primary schools are to be created by the “Once in 120 Years” project, according to which programming will become our second language. – 200 years ago, only 10 percent of people could read and write. Today, all 8-year-olds can read and write. It will be the same with programming. Today’s technological boom is a once-in-120-year opportunity for Poland to make a civilizational leap. The last time we had such a chance was 120 years ago, during the second industrial revolution – says Miron Mironiuk, the owner of the Cosmose AI company, author of the “Once in 120 years” project.

The pilot program, which involves training students and teachers, will be launched in Chełm, Syców, Zduńska Wola and Warsaw. Ultimately, the project is to cover all of Poland. – We select schools that could participate in the pilot program. 10 percent of schools. So that these skills can start to be transferred. And we will also learn during this pilot program how to do it much more effectively and better so that our students acquire these very important skills – announces Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

Programmers in skirts. What role do women play in IT? tvn24bis

A chance for young people

– Six years ago programming was introduced to the core curriculum, unfortunately we did not prepare teachers to teach students. This will change this program – explains Miron Mironiuk.

According to the originators of the initiative, all primary school students are to learn programming within four years. In total, over 3 million children. There are scholarships and prizes for the best. – Today, Poland is a leader when it comes to programming talents, despite the fact that only one percent of Polish students have access to the best programming teaching systems – emphasizes Miron Mironiuk.

This is confirmed by recent reports – Polish high school students took all the places on the podium during the International Olympiad in Information Technology. In turn, the platform associating millions of qualified programmers – HackerRank – hailed our country as one of the best in this field. We took third place overall.

– I happened to conduct classes in Great Britain and in Italy. There are differences in the approach to technology. For example, in the case of Polish classes – very often children are prepared, they know everything what and how. However, in the case of foreign markets, sometimes there are situations where there is a lack of knowledge of this technology – admits Adrian Czechowski, programming teacher, “Giganci Programowania”.

Polish games are conquering the world

Polish games are conquering the worldtvn24

Intellectual capital

– Poland has a chance to become one of the ten richest countries in the world, because programming is the most important natural resource of the 21st century. It is not oil, not gold, but intellectual capital that is the greatest resource and we have plenty of it in Poland, says Miron Mironiuk.

Not every young person who knows the basics of programming will find a job in the largest technology companies in the world. Likewise, not every person who can play the guitar will become a rock star. Getting to know the virtual world through numbers, codes and command lines is actually a long list of benefits for a child. – Most often people talk about logical thinking or cause and effect thinking, but I would go more towards such an ability to cope when we encounter a problem. Because programmers are experts in problems, says Adrian Czechowski. – A bit like chess. You can learn to play chess and play at home and enjoy it, and you can study it for years and become a grandmaster – adds Tomasz Czajka.

If someone decides to follow the grandmaster path, it’s worth it, because programmers have been the most sought-after profession on the Polish market for years.

Facts about the World TVN24 BiS

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