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Party poll. Support for PiS, Civic Coalition, Left, Poland 2050, Confederation, PSL – IBRIS for “Rzeczpospolita”

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The IBRiS survey for “Rzeczpospolita” shows that if the parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, 33.6 percent would vote for Law and Justice. subjects. The Civic Coalition would be backed by 27.3 percent. respondents, which means an increase by over 14 percentage points compared to the previous survey by the same company for “Rzeczpospolita”. Poland 2050 would come third with the support of 11.1 percent.

Law and Justice in the new IBRiS survey for “Rzeczpospolita” can count on 33.6 percent. Compared to the survey conducted on June 19-20, PiS lost 1.1 points. percent


The newspaper pointed out that the opposition has changed much more. The Civic Coalition comes second in the poll with 27.3 percent of the vote. Before the return of Donald Tusk – we read – the support for her in the IBRiS survey was only 13 percent. This means an increase by over 14 percentage points.

The group of Szymon Hołownia Polska 2050 in the new “Rzeczpospolita” poll can count on 11.1 percent. More than a month ago, traffic was 20.2 percent, down more than 9 percentage points.

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Donald TuskPAP / Radek Pietruszka

Left and PSL unchanged, Konfederacja is losing

In the IBRiS poll, Lewica has 9.1 percent. As the log shows, this is the same result as in the previous survey.

Rzeczpospolita reported that the support for the PSL-Polish Coalition, which both at the beginning of August and at the end of June, is hovering on the verge of the election threshold and can count on five percent of support, does not change.

Deputies during the debates of the SejmPAP / Marcin Obara

“The peasants have been in a similar position for several months, Donald Tusk’s return to Polish politics – at least in this study – had no impact on support for them” – reads Rzeczpospolita.

The newspaper added that the changes are visible in support for the Confederation, which in the June survey for Rzeczpospolita had 10.3 percent, and now can count on a result similar to the support for the peasants – five percent.

The survey was carried out using the CATI method from July 31 to August 1, 2021 on a group of 1094 respondents.

Main photo source: PAP / Marcin Obara

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