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Passengers chose new names for Koleje Mazowieckie trains. Winning list

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In the competition for new names of Koleje Mazowieckie express trains, eight out of over 190 proposals were selected. The trains will soon be on the tracks. The list of winning names has already been published.

The press secretary of Koleje Mazowieckie, Donata Nowakowska, explained that the competition concerned accelerated relations between Warsaw and cities such as: Ciechanów, Czyżew, Działdowo, Łuków, Ostrołęka, Płock, Radom and Siedlce.

The proposals were supposed to refer to places, characters or events related to a given town.

List of winning names

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The winning names were: Ciechan (Warszawa–Ciechanów), Czyżyk (Warszawa–Czyżew), Działdowiak (Warszawa–Działdowo), Łukowiak (Warszawa–Łuków), Kurpiak (Warszawa–Ostrołęka), Mazoviak (Warsaw–Płock), Radomianka (Warsaw– Radom) and Siedlecki (Warsaw–Siedlce).

– The competition enjoyed great interest among Internet users. Thanks to the game, KM passengers could have a direct say and come up with the names of the trains they use to commute to work or school every day. I can reveal that many works stole the jury’s hearts, but we could only choose 8 of them. The competition jury was guided by simplicity, originality, as well as reference to the history of cities, the region and the surrounding nature – said Dariusz Grajda, member of the management board of Koleje Mazowieckie and chairman of the competition jury.

Koleje Mazowieckie announced that Koleje Mazowieckie passengers will be able to use accelerated connections with new names in the last quarter of 2023.

Main photo source: Koleje Mazowieckie

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