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Passport for a dog, cat. Price. The stakes are up

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The price of a passport for dogs and cats will be increased by PLN 50 – according to a draft regulation prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture. To obtain it, please go to an authorized veterinarian.

This is a draft regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the fee for issuing a passport for pets accompanying travelers moved for non-commercial purposes. It was published on Friday on the website of the Government Legislation Center.

Passport for dogs and cats

The ministry explained in its justification that: planned fee amount (PLN 150) the veterinarian's remuneration will cost PLN 105, and the remaining PLN 45 are costs incurred by the National Chamber of Veterinary Medicine. According to the current regulation of September 16, 2015, PLN 70 goes to the veterinarian and PLN 30 to the Chamber.

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The National Chamber of Veterinary Medicine requested a change in the fee amount. She explained that as a result inflation costs increased, including: in connection with maintaining the register and printing passports.

How to get a pet passport?

A passport is an identification document issued for the movement of pets of the species dogs, cats and ferrets between EU Member States. To obtain one for our pet, we must go to a veterinarian authorized to issue such a document. Registers of doctors authorized to issue dog passportscats and ferrets are managed by the appropriate district veterinary councils.

A dog, cat or ferret passport includes:

– the location of the transponder or tattoo and the date of its implantation or application or the date of reading of the transponder or tattoo, as well as the alphanumeric code indicated by the transponder or appearing on the tattoo; – name, species, breed, sex, color, date of birth provided by the owner and any characteristic or distinguishing features or special signs of a given pet animal; – name and contact details of the owner; – name and surname, contact details and signature of the authorized veterinarian who issues or completes the identification document; – owner's signature; – information on vaccination against rabies; – date of taking a blood sample for testing the level of anti-rabies antibodies using the titration method; – information on the application of any preventive health measures for diseases or infections other than rabies; – other relevant information regarding the health of the pet animal.

A passport issued in Poland can be checked on the KILW website via WETSystems by entering the passport number or microchip number.

According to the information cited in the Regulatory Impact Assessment, 157,200 passports were issued in 2023. It has been noted that some owners obtain passports for two or more animals. “Assuming that the number of passports issued will be similar in the following years, it can be assumed that the number of animal owners who will apply for a passport in the following years will be 100,000 – 150,000 per year,” it added.

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