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Pasym. They restore the Rutkowski family chapel from 1856. The property has an interesting architecture and history

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In the closed Evangelical cemetery in Pasym (Warmińsko-Mazurskie) stands the classicist style tomb chapel of the Rutkowski family. It was erected in 1856, which – as the inscription on the plate says – was a year of “heavy suffering”. The commune has completed the first stage of renovation works.

– We know that the chapel was built for his wife – Ewa née Biendara – Prussian royal expeditioner Samuel Rutkowski. Although the inscription on the slab on the southern façade of the chapel indicates that it was also supposed to be the resting place of Samuel himself, it seems that he was buried elsewhere. Unlike his wife, the tombstone only shows the date of his birth, but the date of his death is missing – says Dariusz Barton, Warmia and Mazury Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

It is about the burial chapel of the Rutkowski family, which was renovated last year at the request of the commune authorities, located in the closed 18th-century Evangelical-Augsburg cemetery in Pasym in the Szczycień district.

The first stage of restoration of the monument has already been completed Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Olsztyn

Perhaps in 1856 there was a plague in this area

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– The building, erected in a classicist style and distinguished by a barrel vault, was built in 1856. As the inscription says, it was a year of severe suffering. We suppose that some plague might have prevailed in this area at that time, ’emphasizes the conservator.

In 2018, after the activities of the Regional Digitization Laboratory from Elbląg, a 3D visualization was created, showing the contemporary look of the chapel.

The record describes the years in which Ewa Rutkowska lived. As for her husband Samuel – only the date of birth is recordedProvincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Olsztyn

– Digital visualization is our authorship. We created it using scans and photos taken by students from various parts of Poland, whom we invited to participate in the workshops, during the project “Evidently important. Documentation of the cemetery and chapel in Pasym”, co-financed by the program of the National Heritage Board of Poland “Together for heritage” – says Hanna Laska-Kleinszmidt, head of the Regional Digitization Laboratory (operating within the Światowid European Meeting Center in Elbląg).

The establishment of the necropolis dates back to the first half of the 18th century

The description attached to the visualization, which can be found on the website of the aforementioned studio, shows that the cemetery on which the chapel stands was originally outside the city walls and was the first independent cemetery in Pasym.


“Its creation dates back to the first half of the 18th century. The existence of this cemetery is confirmed by M. Garling’s plan from 1751 (…) Due to the lack of archival materials, it is also difficult to determine when the cemetery itself ceased to operate. the dead were buried here until the end of the 19th century. ” – we read on the website.

The chapel has been in the register of monuments for fifteen years

The descriptions also show that in 2007 the necropolis, along with the chapel, was entered into the register of monuments, while the condition of the chapel is not the best.

– This facility has an interesting architecture and an equally interesting history. I am convinced that the decision to restore this monument will please many and will be an interesting place to explore for both residents and tourists, emphasizes Hanna Laska-Kleinszmidt.

The roof was repaired last year

As we read on the Facebook profile of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Monument Conservator, last year, inter alia, repair of the roof covering on a temporary truss, gutters and downspouts were installed, as well as supplements and fragmentary reconstructions of the wall. Especially in the area of ​​brick lintels and the lower part of the windows. The walls were also cleaned of mosses and lichens and, among others, bands securing the edges of architectural details.

This is what the chapel looked like in 2021. Even before work beginsProvincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Olsztyn

– It was the first stage of work. The total cost of the task was PLN 95,656.40, of which PLN 70,000 is a subsidy from the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments – says Cezary Łachmański, Mayor of Pasym.

Among other things, the structure of the building needs to be strengthened

He adds that in the next stages it is planned, inter alia, execution of the necessary brickwork and structural reinforcements, removal of crumbling ones and arrangement of the crypt together with securing the burial.

– At the moment, the exact cost of these investments is being determined – the mayor is underlining.

The chapel stands at the closed Evangelical-Augsburg cemetery at the intersection of Tartaczna and Kościuszko Streets

Main photo source: Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Olsztyn

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