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“Pati” with Ola Adamska. New Polish series – where to watch?

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Player’s long-awaited series is a spin-off of “Convicted”. We will find out how it happened that Patrycja Cichy ended up in prison. – At first I was very scared. My character in Convict is so defined and strong that it’s like a cucumber in a cheeseburger. One bite does all the work. (…) I began to wonder what to do with this character and how to create her so that she would still be liked – said Ola Adamska, who played the role of Pati, at Kuba Wojewódzki.

The producers of “Pati” decided to use the positive emotions that the character of the feisty prisoner aroused in the viewers from the very beginning. What awaits us in the premiere episode? We meet the heroine when she is waiting for admission to the culinary school in Sopot. Pati discovers that her mother has run up debts by dealing drugs. They have to be paid off. The first part of the six-episode series will appear on Player tonight at midnight. Next every Friday.

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What is the series “Pati” about?

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In “Convicted”, Pati shares a cell with judge Alicja Mazur (Agata Kulesza). The girl is serving an eight-year sentence for car theft, driving under the influence of drugs and manslaughter. She has three years left before she is released. What was her life like before the sentence? From the new series we will learn that she did not have it easy, mainly due to her irresponsible mother – Julita (played by Agnieszka Przepiórska). Pati has to take care of her younger siblings, Natalka and Natanek, and her mother, who is involved in crime and drugs.

Ola Adamska claims that thanks to “Pati” she learned something important. – I took a beautiful truth from this series. Very often people who are apparently evil and are in prison are really unlucky in life. Often they just failed. It’s important not to make judgments. See the man, not his social status. (…) Pati is not a bad person. She was just unlucky – she said in an interview with TVN.

Adamska admitted that creating the role was not easy. – At first, the producers approached it lightly. They thought Pati was Pati. And I explained to them what I felt intuitively, that she must be completely different. That it must be a softer girl, different from the one viewers know. Prison is an arena, this one you have to survive and build up so that the outside world has no access to what is fragile inside us. And Pati is very fragile, sensitive and empathetic – she says. The cast of “Pati” will also include Konrad Eleryk (Krystian), Natalia Wolska (Natalka, Pati’s sister), Fryderyk Surowiec (Natanek, Pati’s brother), Ewa Gawryluk (Maria Sobotko), Marek Richter (Tomasz Sobotko) and Magdalena Walach (Agata Rulewska).

Ola Adamska is 33 years old and comes from Katowice. She went to a music school, danced in a folklore group. Dance has remained her great passion to this day: she dances hip-hop and jazz, knows the basics of classical and contemporary dance techniques. Eight years ago she graduated from acting school. He has several episodes in films and TV series, as well as the main role in the series “Królestwo Kobiet”.

The series “Pati” will be available on the Player.pl platform from April 28.

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