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Patrycja Z., former vice-president of the Industrial Development Agency, accused of corruption

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Accepting a bribe in the form of almost PLN 250,000, several-day stays in an expensive hotel in Dubai, furnishing the apartment and using luxury cars – this is the list of prosecutor’s charges brought against the former vice-president of the Industrial Development Agency, Patrycja Z. The prosecutor’s office informed that the accused provided information related to investments planned by public companies.

Former vice-president of Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA, Patrycja Z., was accused of accepting financial and personal benefits from the accused Wojciech W. – president of one of the joint-stock companies from Silesia specializing in the design, implementation and integration of software, IT systems and advanced industrial automation.

Several hundred thousand zlotys in bribes, luxury cars and hotels

The woman allegedly accepted a bribe of almost PLN 250,000 from Wojciech W. This money was transferred to her through a company registered in Ontario (Canada), which was intended to make it more difficult to detect criminal activity. In addition, Wojciech W. was to pay for Patrycja Z. and members of her immediate family a few-day stay in an expensive hotel and furnish her apartment. The accused Patrycja Z. also used BMW X6 and Porsche Panamera cars belonging to the company of Wojciech W. and persons associated with him free of charge. Jakub M., the former director of the Department of Own Projects of the Industrial Development Agency SA, was accused of accepting a bribe from the accused Wojciech W. of almost PLN 25,000. “This money was transferred to him through his father’s company from the IT industry under the guise of providing a service that was never ordered and performed. This was to make it difficult to detect the criminal activity. Moreover, Wojciech W. promised Jakub M. to repay the loan within 4 years mortgage taken out by Jakub M. for the purchase of an apartment,” the National Prosecutor’s Office said.

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Lucrative contracts with public companies

Wojciech W. promised both defendants that in the event of any problems at Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA, he would employ them in one of his companies in managerial positions, which happened. In exchange for bribes, Patrycja Z. provided employees of Wojciech W.’s companies with documents and information in her possession that were not publicly available and related to investments planned by public companies. Jakub M. also did the same, working closely with his superior Patrycja Z. “It was intended to give Wojciech W. an advantage over competing companies and enable his companies to sign lucrative contracts with public companies. Moreover, Patrycja Z. in contacts with the accused Wojciech W “she referred to her influence in one of the companies from the chemical industry and in the Ministry of the Treasury. She assured him that she had the ability to handle his matters,” the National Prosecutor’s Office said. Wojciech W. will also be on the stand, accused of paying bribes to both Patrycja Z. and Jakub M. and of paid patronage. Wojciech W. will also be charged with forging documents and possessing drugs.

Family members are accused of bribery and money laundering

Members of Jakub M.’s immediate family were also accused. His father – Zbigniew M. was accused of helping his son accept a bribe and of money laundering, for which Jakub M.’s wife – Agnieszka M.-K. will also be charged. In turn, a director in one of Wojciech W.’s companies – Arkadiusz G. – was accused of helping him pay bribes. The defendants face up to 12 years in prison.

Corruption case from 2015

These crimes were committed between 2015 and the end of March 2016. The investigation by the Masovian Division of the National Prosecutor’s Office was conducted jointly with the Central Anticorruption Bureau. The National Prosecutor’s Office also informed about another corruption case involving Patrycja Z. The prosecutor also accused her of accepting bribes from Jerzy K., vice-president of one of the furniture industry companies from Podkarpacie. He paid for Patrycja Z.’s stay at the recreation and recreation estate, financed her stay in Dubai, tickets to the VIP box for the Grand Prix speedway competition, and alcohol. In return, as vice-president of the Industrial Development Agency SA, Patrycja Z. presented the commercial offer of the company from the furniture industry during official meetings, promoted its products and arranged meetings of the company’s president with representatives of companies with which she held talks as vice-president of ARP. “In addition, Patrycja Z. acted as an intermediary in resolving the matter of this company. It involved obtaining a decision favorable to the company regarding the release and acceleration of the release of a bank guarantee for proper performance of the contract in the amount of over PLN 20 million. This guarantee was established as part of the financial support granted to the company granted in connection with the implementation of the project in the amount of almost PLN 40 million, from European Union funds,” the National Prosecutor’s Office said. The vice president was accused of paid patronage and accepting a bribe. Jerzy K. will also be accused of her corruption. Maria K., who was the manager of a project implemented by a furniture company with funds from the European Union, also participated in the criminal activity together with him. She was accused of paid protection, which she committed in cooperation with Jerzy K. All these crimes were committed in 2015.

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Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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