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Patryk Jaki criticizes Morawiecki and Duda. Mueller: Patryk, maybe you already believed that you have outgrown the president, prime minister and head of state

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Someone signed all this crap in the European Union, someone is responsible for all this. If Morawiecki becomes prime minister again, I cannot guarantee that it will not be the same – said MEP Patryk Jaki on Friday about Mateusz Morawiecki's government. He also criticized President Andrzej Duda. “Patryk, maybe you already believe that you have outgrown the president, prime minister and head of state,” PiS MP Piotr Mueller replied to him on social media. He added that he “encourages talks in groups designated for this purpose.” Jaki, in turn, replied to these words.

MEP of Sovereign Poland Patryk Jaki met with the residents of Pabianice on Friday. He spoke, among others: about the actions of governments Mateusz Morawiecki. – There are many complaints against us that we were too weak towards the European Union, that we were too weak when it came to breaking up the Third Polish Republic system, that we were too weak when it came to TVN and so on. And do we guarantee that it will be different this time? I can guarantee you that if I have any influence on it, I will make sure of it. You will hold me accountable. The problem is that we all have to draw conclusions and ask ourselves who is responsible for this within our camp and do everything to ensure that they do not have any influence on it again, he said.

– Someone signed all this crap in the European Union, someone is responsible for all this. It's not that we don't have responsible people. If (Mateusz – ed.) Morawiecki becomes prime minister again, I cannot guarantee you that it will not be the same – added Jaki.

Patryk JakiRadek Pietruszka/PAP

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What about the president

He also commented on the president's decision Andrzej Duda. – We have to draw conclusions. Who vetoed (lex – ed.) TVN? At least it wasn't Bronislaw Komorowski. When he comes now, you have to ask him why he did it. And why did he veto court bills? He says there were protests. Did you see how they thanked him? They have become bold and now they want to take him to the State Tribunal – he said.

– This is a bill of naivety – he said. – We also have to draw conclusions within our camp. You will come and vote. There are different people on the lists, choose those you know and know that if necessary, they will not step back – said the MEP from Sovereign Poland, addressing the audience.

Patryk Jaki's statement was made exactly one hour and four minutes after the start of the recording of the meeting broadcast.

“Maybe you have already believed, Patryk, that you have outgrown the president, prime minister and head of state.”

He responded to the fragment of Patryk Jaki's speech described above on Saturday on the X website PiS MP and former spokesman for Mateusz Morawiecki's government, Piotr Mueller. “I encourage my colleague Patryk Jaki to talk in groups designated for this purpose,” he said. As he added, “you are deliberately flattening the discussion on the government's decisions on EU matters so that something sticks. You are harming the camp. And decisions in these areas were adopted only at the level of the entire management of Law and Justice. You know this perfectly well.”

“Although perhaps Patrick has already believed that you have outgrown the president, prime minister and head of state,” he wrote.

He further referred to the actions of Sovereign Poland's politicians over the last eight years. “It's a pity that you didn't translate such energy into activities in the prosecutor's office and courts (e.g. full digitization – it could be done in 8 years!). It's a pity that because of your radicalism we lost a few percentage points to victory. It's a pity that your radicalism aroused anger at our camp and mobilized people who went to vote only because they did not want the style of politics you present. It is a pity that, as part of your particular interests, you aim your guns at your colleagues from the United Right instead of at Donald Tusk,” we read.

“Learn once and for all.” Jaki's 11-point response

Jaki referred to these words of Mueller on Saturday evening. His entry contains 11 points.

The MEP wrote that “there was no consent of the management (of his party – ed.) for Fit55 and this green nonsense” and that it was the “sole responsibility” of Mateusz Morawiecki. He added that there was “no coalition agreement” on this matter, but there were “full protests” from Sovereign Poland.

In the following points, he referred, among other things, to changes in the judiciary. During the PiS government, Jaki's party was responsible for this area.

“The caste was already packed. MM (Mateusz Morawiecki – ed.) changed it, because in exchange for saving their judges – there was supposed to be money from the EU. The SP said that there would be no funds if they saw that we were retreating in matters to which the EU has no competences, we will only strengthen their influence and help them return to power. Do we need to remember who was right?” – wrote the MEP.

“Your abolition of the Disciplinary Chamber and letting go of the caste is now taking revenge – we warned”, “letting go of the media issue is also taking revenge now – we have warned,” Jaki continues.

“As for the responsibility for the campaign, I would like to remind you that MM was its face (Mateusz Morawiecki – ed.). Z. Ziobro was marginalized by your decision – he did not even appear at key conventions. So I do not recommend blaming it on anyone else,” he adds.

“Learn once and for all. As the SP, we are a separate party that will not take responsibility for the bad decisions that helped Tusk come to power. (Who bragged about KPO on billboards – when we said how it would end)” – he wrote Jaki in one of the last points of his response to Mueller.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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