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Paulina Matysiak and Marcin Horała. Joint movement of a Razem MP and a PiS MP. Coalition partners criticize, this is the party's position

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MP from the Razem party, Paulina Matysiak, inaugurated the Social Movement “Yes to Development!” in cooperation with PiS MP and former deputy minister Marcin Horała. Other Left politicians criticized her. “For development, you can work with people who have not trampled on Polish democracy and the rule of law,” wrote Krzysztof Gawkowski, Minister of Digital Affairs. The Razem Party distanced itself from Matysiak's actions and announced a motion to punish her.

“Together with Marcin Horała, we are initiating the 'Yes to Development!' Social Movement. We want to connect citizens, organizations and politicians of various options supporting investments that are key to Poland's development.”

“By remaining in different parties, arguing about many topics (ideological, historical and other), we can put these disputes aside and work together on the construction of the CPK, nuclear power plants, expansion of ports and the army,” wrote Matysiak.

The Razem party distances itself from the initiative

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The Razem Party published a statement on Thursday afternoon. “Founding the association with Mr. Horała is a private initiative of Paulina Matysiak, undertaken against the will of the Razem authorities. The Razem Party dissociates itself from this project. The party authorities were not informed about today's joint speech with Mr. Horała,” we read.

“Due to the action, which we consider harmful to the party, the party management is submitting a request to the party peer court to initiate disciplinary proceedings,” the party announced.

Żukowska: we are also surprised

A TVN24 reporter talked about this matter with Anna Maria Żukowska, the chairwoman of the Left Club. – (Matysiak) did not announce any decision to us, so we are surprised by her activity with Mr PIS – she said.

– I don't feel good about it. We have an away club meeting tomorrow and Saturday. There will be a discussion on this matter at this club meeting, I have no doubt that it will be a heated one, she added.

Kotula: “great partners” to implement the Left program

It was criticized by coalition partners of the Razem from the Left party. Katarzyna Kotula, Minister for Equality, quoted a press headline about Horała. “Marcin Horała, former head of PiS in Pomerania, and privately the father of three daughters, defends the refusal to perform an abortion on a 14-year-old girl with intellectual disabilities who was raped by her uncle,” we read.

Kotula ironized that these are “great partners for 'implementing the Left's program'.” “For weeks you have been telling people that it is impossible to have the New Left in the government, but it is possible with PiS? Ok. I have no questions,” she said.

Gawkowski: shame!

Krzysztof GawkowskiMinister of Digital Affairs from the Left, emphasized that “for development, we can work with people who have not trampled on Polish democracy and the rule of law,” and “we can talk about development, but within the October 15 coalition, not with PiS.”

“If this means focusing on independence in a left-wing coalition, then I definitely distance myself from it. You can choose different paths, but I will never remain silent when someone chooses the path of cooperation with people from PiS, who until recently were still members of the Kaczyński and Morawiecki government. . Shame!” – he wrote.

Left MP Tomasz Trela ​​wrote that he “also has one thing in common with PiS.” “I will absolutely do everything to make them answer for every theft. Other initiatives simply disgust me,” he emphasized.

Main photo source: x.com/PolaMatysiak

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