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Paulina Matysiak: no one will break my spine, I don't regret my decision

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Paulina Matysiak said that she did not change her views, “she did not turn right” and “no one will break her spine.” The Razem party politician declared that she would not leave the social movement “Yes for Development” she co-founded, which she is building together with PiS MP Marcin Horała.

MP of the Left Paulina Matysiak i PiS MP Marcin Horała announced on Thursday the establishment of the social movement “Yes for development”, which is to focus on supporting the development of investments in CPK, nuclear power plants and Polish army.

The MP was criticized for cooperating with the PiS MP. Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Włodzimierz Czarzasty announced that Matysiak was suspended as a member of the Left Club for three months. The board of the Razem party submitted a request to the party peer court to initiate disciplinary proceedings.

Marcin Horała and Paulina Matysiakx.com/PolaMatysiak

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Matysiak: no one will break my spine

Matysiak declared that she would not bow to pressure from the community and would not abandon the idea of ​​establishing an association and a social movement “Yes for development”. She added that she was convinced of the “value of this action and the rightness of her decision”. – No one will break my spine, I want to stick to my opinion, I do not regret this decision, although I know that it caused a lot of controversy. It could have caused a lot of pain or disappointment to some, for which I apologize, but I do not want to change my opinion on this matter – she declared.

According to the MP, it is worth continuing this initiative. She added that she is convinced of the value of this action. She emphasized that it is also met with a good reception from people who understand that “we need to build such bridges and look for what unites us, not just what divides us”.

Paulina MatysiakPaweł Supernak/PAP

Matysiak: I don't turn right

When asked about the words of New Left spokesman Łukasz Michnik, who said that her actions proved that she had “turned to the right”, she categorically denied it. – I have not changed my views or the values ​​I believe in – she assured.

– I am not turning right, I have not changed my mind on any topics I have dealt with so far. I still have leftist views, I don't know where this idea came from. (…) It seems to me that the reluctance to this type of cooperation is based only on a certain level of aesthetics, that we cannot cooperate with certain groups or parties outside the Sejm, even if we share a common opinion on specific issues – noted Matysiak.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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