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Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk supported the anti-TVN law. They changed their mind on the adjournment of the meeting

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A motion to adjourn the meeting, an almost two-hour break and another vote with the opposite result. Three MPs from Kukiz’15 – Paweł Kukiz, Jaroslaw Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk – had a decisive influence on the events that took place on Wednesday evening in the Sejm. After the break ordered by Marshal Elżbieta Witek, all three voted in favor of the amendment to the Broadcasting Act, known as the anti-TVN act.

On Wednesday, after 5 p.m., the voting block began in the Sejm. Unexpectedly, the ruling party lost to the opposition vote on adjournment of the meeting The Seym. 229 MPs were in favor of the motion, 227 were against, but the votes of Kukiz’15 politicians turned out to be crucial – Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko, Stanisław Tyszka and Stanisław Żuk were in favor of postponing the session.


Earlier, Kukiz’15 politicians also voted “for” supplementing the agenda with the Prime Minister’s information on the final wording of the National Reconstruction Plan, information from the Minister of Health on the organization of the National Vaccination Program or information from the President of the Supreme Audit Office on irregularities in activities undertaken in relation to with envelope elections that did not take place.

Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk supported the anti-TVN lawPAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

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Negotiations during breaks in deliberations

Marshal Elżbieta Witek announced a 15-minute break, which, however, was extended until 19:30. In the meantime, opposition deputies informed that PiS MP Marek Suski was collecting votes for a reassumption of the vote.

Michał Szczerba from the Civic Coalition said that “it is very possible that Paweł Kukiz is negotiating further appanages with his colleagues”. He reported that Jarosław Gowin, in turn, spoke about attempts to convince politicians. – In fact, political corruption continues, so perhaps Paweł Kukiz is still negotiating – he added.

TVN24 reporter: There are ongoing discussions on the postulate of the Kukiz’15 movement. It is about the seat of the Deputy Speaker of the SejmTVN24

Agata Adamek, a parliamentary reporter for TVN24, informed that there was a “brainstorming” in PiS on what to do with a losing vote. – It is unofficially known that there are still fairs with the Kukiz’15 movement – she said.

In the backstage, voices were said that as a reward for its attitude towards the anti-TVN law and for the possible subsequent repeated voting favorable for PiS, the Kukiz’15 movement was to be given the seat of the deputy speaker of the Sejm. The reporter added that in this case Piotr Zgorzelski from PSL would be deprived of his position.

MPs from Kukiz’15: we made a mistake in the voteTVN24


After 7.30 p.m., when the Sejm resumed its deliberations, the vote was indeed repeated at the request of a group of deputies. In another vote on the break of three Kukiz’15 politicians – Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk – voted against the adjournment. Only Stanisław Tyszka voted again “for” the adjournment.

Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk also comply with the politicians of the Law and Justice party voted “for” the anti-TVN law. 228 deputies voted for the bill, 216 were against, and 10 abstained.

Main photo source: PAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

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