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Paweł Wojtunik, former head of the CBA, about the hacking on his phone and the commission of inquiry into the Pegasus case

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Paweł Wojtunik, the former head of the CBA, spoke in “Fakty po Faktach” about a hacking on his phone, which called his daughter and informed: “your dad is dead, he is not breathing”. – This is a story of six years of harassment and persecution since I left the CBA. What happened two days ago is an escalation – he assessed. “Something broke inside me two days ago,” he confessed. In the program, he was also asked about the legitimacy of establishing a commission of inquiry into the Pegasus case.

Paweł Wojtunik, former head of the CBA, informed about the testimony and notifications about the possibility of committing a crime. It’s about breaking into his phone. Wojtunik’s daughter was to receive a call from his number and hear the words: “your daddy is dead, he’s not breathing, I’m calling from his phone.” – I do not know who you are, whether you are gangsters or politicians, but I will not forgive you and I will do my best to find you and do everything to force law enforcement agencies to find you – said Wojtunik at the Saturday conference. “You’re just bastards, scoundrels and bastards,” he emphasized.

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Wojtunik’s phone was attacked. “Please imagine what my child went through”

Wojtunik was a guest of the Saturday edition of “Faktów po Faktach”, where he spoke about this matter. – It is a very long story. It is a story of six years of harassment and persecution since I left the CBA. What happened two days ago is some kind of escalation and the finale of what has been happening to us for six years – he commented.

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– Please imagine what my child went through. Please imagine what your children would experience and, God forbid, the elderly, sick parents, he said. – Fortunately, our daughter survived it, but we survived it all very hard and I must admit that two days ago something broke in me. And hence today’s conference and the guarantee that I will do my best to establish the perpetrators of this and other shameful acts – he said. “Even without the resources,” he added.

Wojtunik asked the media to put pressure on law enforcement agencies in this case. “Because it’s something I would never have imagined, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot in my life,” he said.


Paweł Wojtunik in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

Entry by deputy minister Wąsik. “The police do not need this type of empty, political declarations”

Maciej Wąsik, Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration, commented that such a burglary was an “exceptional scandal” and assured that “the police are taking action in this matter”.

Wojtunik reacted to this declaration. – I do not believe in the hypocritical entries of politicians, in particular in the hypocritical entries of Wąsik. What has been happening to our family for over six years is partly on the side of Mr. Wąsik, he said.

He said he could see “two aspects of this message.” “They are both gross,” he said. – The deputy interior minister must say that the police will act. I would like the police in Poland to act not only against the former head of the CBA, but also against every citizen, with the same energy – he said. – I believe that the police do not need this type of alerts – he added.

– Secondly, it is all the more indecent that recently I have been contacted by people who informed me that it was in the offices of the coordinators that attempts were made to tease journalists or propose materials that were supposed to harass me and my daughter, to whom for two days this was called. Therefore, I have a request not to interfere in the affairs of my family – said the former head of the CBA. – Polish police do not need this type of empty, political declarations. They mean nothing to me, they outrage my friends and family even more – he emphasized.

Threats against the Wojtunik family

This is another situation of this type. In recent weeks, threats were sent from the fictitious e-mail address of Paweł Wojtunik’s daughter to, among others, local government officials and policemen from the vicinity of Białobrzegi, where the family of the former head of the CBA comes from. “Using children for such nefarious provocations is a moral bottom” – commented Wojtunik.

Earlier, the police station in Warsaw’s Mokotów discontinued the proceedings regarding threats against Wojtunik’s wife and daughters. It is a series of anonymous information that contained precise information on the daily life and behavior of the former CBA director. The police failed to find the perpetrator and the proceedings were discontinued.

Investigation commission in the case of Pegasus “black dream” Zbigniew Ziobro

On TVN24, Wojtunik was also asked about the establishment of a parliamentary investigative committee on illegal Pegasus surveillance.

– It is a great idea to return with information to the public about what happened in the services, the Central Investigation Bureau and the Internal Security Agency in 2005-2007, what happened in the CBA in 2006-2009 – he commented. – I think that this is the black dream of the prosecutor (General Zbigniew) Ziobro – he said. – Because then I was the deputy director of CBŚ and also acting director of CBŚ. I saw a lot – he said.

– It will be very interesting for the public to hear about the scale of violations of civil rights in the scale of wiretaps, while the heads of the CBA were Mr. (Mariusz) Kamiński and Mr. Wąsik. I have such knowledge, I have repeatedly passed it on in secret at committees and in the prosecutor’s office. I think that the comparison of what the services and operational control looked like, how these institutions worked and what violations took place will be interesting – he said.

He announced that he was a “loyal citizen”, hence he would appear before the investigative committee, if he so wished, and would “share once more any information about the pathologies that took place during that period”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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