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Pawns. The priest and the 18-year-old who attacked him on the street will appear in court

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The prosecutor’s office submitted indictments to the court regarding an 80-year-old priest and an 18-year-old boy who attacked the priest on a street in Pionki (Masovian Voivodeship). The priest will appear in court over allegations of sexual abuse of a minor in 2012.

Agnieszka Borkowska, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Radom, announced on Friday that investigators had submitted two indictments to the District Court in Kozienice (Masovian Voivodeship). One about an 18-year-old, the other about a retired priest from Pionki.

The case concerns an event that took place in May in Pionki. An 18-year-old boy attacked an 80-year-old priest returning from serving the sick. According to the investigators’ findings, at one point the 18-year-old hit the priest in the lumbar region of the back, as a result of which the priest fell and suffered minor external head injuries and contusions.

Charges against an 18-year-old and a priest

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During the interrogation, the young man explained to investigators the reasons for his behavior. – Due to the extensive explanations he provided, they were excluded from separate proceedings regarding causing a minor under 15 to engage in another sexual act, which the priest allegedly committed 11 years ago – prosecutor Borkowska told PAP.

The prosecutor’s proceedings resulted in two indictments. The young man was charged with causing bodily injury to a priest. The prosecutor classified this act as a hooligan offense, which carries a penalty of up to 3.5 years in prison.

The priest will be responsible for causing a minor under 15 years of age to engage in other sexual activity. This allegation concerns an event that took place in the fall of 2012 in Pionki.

For the benefit of the injured party, the prosecutor’s office does not reveal who the priest’s victim was. The priest pleads not guilty to the crime he is accused of. He faces a sentence of 2 to 12 years in prison.

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