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Paws. The policewomen found the 12-year-old girl they were looking for on the Świnoujście-Suwałki train. She went to visit a friend

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The police knew that the missing 12-year-old could have boarded the Świnoujście-Suwałki train. Although the staff of the warehouse claimed that the teenagers were not there, the officers from the police station in Łapy (Podlasie) decided to check it themselves. They got on the train and found the girl they were looking for. It turned out that she decided to visit her friend, who moved to Suwałki, a few hundred kilometers from the 12-year-old’s house.

The policemen from the police station in Łapy received information about a 12-year-old girl who left her home in Greater Poland and did not return. The report showed that the teenager could get on the Świnoujście-Suwałki train. When the officers got the girl’s description, they immediately went to the station.


– There they made contact with the train staff, who denied that the described girl traveled on the indicated train. However, the policewomen did not give up and decided to check it personally – informed the policemen from the City Police Headquarters in Białystok.

Police officers found a missing 12-year-old on the trainKMP Białystok

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“She went to Suwałki, where her friend moved”

They searched car by car and at one point noticed a teenager who matched the description of the missing girl.

– After checking the data, it turned out that a 12-year-old traveling alone is a girl wanted by the policemen. The minor told the officers that she had gone to Suwałki, where her friend had moved – Bialystok officials said.

The girl, safe and sound, was taken care of by educators from a care and educational facility in Białystok, from where her parents picked her up.

The girl was found by policewomen from the police station in Łapy

Main photo source: KMP Białystok

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