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Paws. They got out of the car and kidnapped the five-year-old girl. Police across the country gave chase

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Two men suspected of abducting a five-year-old girl face up to three years in prison. She was walking with her mother on the sidewalk when a car drove up next to her. There was a struggle. Everything happened in Łapy (Podlaskie Voivodeship). The men were detained on the other side of Poland.

The police received a report on Friday (June 14) after 17.30. It showed that a car with two men in it drove up to a woman walking with her five-year-old daughter.

– One of them was known to the woman. He started struggling with her. He grabbed the child from her, put her in the car and drove away with another man in an unknown direction – says staff aspirant Barbara Maciejewska-Ksepko from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok.

The child was abducted while walking with his mother on the sidewalk (illustrative photo)Shutterstock

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They were arrested five minutes after midnight

Information about the incident was received by uniformed officers across the country.

– The men were arrested the next day, five minutes after midnight. They were driving a car. They were near the border crossing in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, a kilometer before the border – notes the policewoman.

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Both were charged with child abduction.

– They face up to three years in prison – says Asp. staff. Maciejewska-Ksepko.

The policewoman confirmed that the woman knew one of the men who carried out the abduction.

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