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Pay raises for teachers and changes in school boards. Polish education is waiting for the new government’s moves

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One of the first promises to be fulfilled by Donald Tusk’s government are 30% raises for teachers. The PO leader promised this many times during the election campaign. Changes in Polish schools will be Barbara Nowacka’s mission.

Barbara Nowacka will be the new face of Polish education. – I am convinced that Polish schools, above all, need peace. Not a revolution, but an evolution. Dialogue, not contempt, says Barbara Nowacka from Inicjatywa Polska. – I care about this peace very much – he adds.

Barbara Nowacka is an IT specialist. She has been working for women’s rights for years. Now in the Civic Coalition, once associated with the Left. Barbara Nowacka is to head the Ministry of Education in Donald Tusk’s government. – She will be a great minister of education – says the new minister Paulina Piechna- Więckiewicz, vice-chairman of the New Left, who is tipped to be the deputy minister of education from the Left. Barbara Nowacka also has the support of the former minister. – I’m absolutely keeping my fingers crossed for her. We are in touch. There will be a lot of repairing. However, it will obviously work, says Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska from PO.

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Barbara Nowacka has so far avoided answering questions about what she would like to do first.

Donald Tusk himself outlined more. Firstly, teachers will earn better. – Polish kindergartens will also receive a 30-percent wage increase, and this will apply from January 1, the PO leader announced on Friday. Currently, the basic salary of a beginner teacher, depending on education, is PLN 3,600 or PLN 3,690 gross. – 30 percent is the scale that is truly satisfactory – admits Sławomir Broniarz, president of the ZNP, who is still waiting for details and is counting on a conversation with the new minister about specifics.

Barbara Nowacka in Donald Tusk’s government. What is worth knowing about the candidate for Minister of EducationThis year she was elected to the Sejm for the second time.tvn24.pl

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Secondly, as Donald Tusk also said, there will be an exchange of education superintendents. Currently, the most controversial curator is the one from Małopolska – Barbara Nowak, who – as Kinga Gajewska from PO assures – “will go home first.”

But she wasn’t the only one who got a negative grade. – I think that our profession has been destroyed over the last eight years – says Magdalena Mazur, principal of the Primary School with Integration Departments No. 12 in Krakow.

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This is a bitter summary of the entire rule of Law and Justice, during which the school went through a lot. Liquidation of junior high schools, a new subject: History and Present, Wojciech Roszkowski’s textbooks, staff shortages and a new, controversial minister, Przemysław Czarnek.

Leszek Olpiński left public school during the PiS government. And this was not the only such case. Now, as he admits, after the change of government, he sees great chances for changes in the Polish education system.

– I can guarantee it, I promise that educational policy will look different – declares Dorota Łoboda from the Civic Coalition.

Without a doubt, teachers will watch these changes carefully and hold the new government accountable for them.

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