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Pay rises for politicians. Szymon Hołownia (Poland 2050) comments

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In this way, Jarosław Kaczyński buys himself, in the situation of an unstable majority, a parliamentary majority – this is how Szymon Hołownia, the president of Poland 2050, commented on the proposal for raises for parliamentarians in “One for One”. – The decision of the circle on this matter is unequivocal – he said.

On Monday, the Sejm received a bill from PiS MPs, which provides for a salary increase for the president of the Republic of Poland, former presidents of Poland, as well as for village heads, mayors, city presidents and local councilors. Earlier, on Friday, President Andrzej Duda signed a regulation thanks to which, among others, deputy ministers, deputies and senators will earn more.

The Civic Coalition, which submitted a bill to the Sejm on the freezing of salaries for politicians until the end of the Sejm’s term, is against the planned increases.

Szymon Hołownia on pay rises for politicians

The chief of Poland 2050 was the guest of the Wednesday edition of “One for One” on TVN24 Szymon Hołownia. He was asked if MPs from his party would vote in favor of the KO’s proposal in this matter. “Of course it is,” he replied, noting that in his opinion there was “a very high probability of a situation where it would not be voted at all.”

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When asked what the MPs of Poland in 2050 would do with the increases, Hołownia explained that “the decision of the club is unambiguous in this matter”. – 50 percent of these increases will be donated to social inches in their districts and it will be absolutely transparent – he said.


– An attempt to block an idea is right, as is any vote of no confidence in the minister of this government, which fails anyway, because PiS (with the majority – ed.) Does not allow it to be voted through. This will be the case in this case, he continued.

He added that the parliamentarians of Poland 2050 put on the table “a concrete proposal for a system solution”. – It is necessary to link the salaries of politicians with the GDP, with the economic situation of the country, and with wages in the budget, so that there are no such political geshes between the deputies and the president as we are currently observing – he mentioned.

– The whole subtext is that Kaczyński’s deputies began to rebel, because it turned out that not all wives and aunts in the sixth degree were pushed into companies (State Treasury companies – ed.), And some MPs have to cope with their bare salary. So it was necessary to fight for a raise in this matter. (Jarosław – ed.) In this way, in the situation of an unstable majority, Kaczyński buys a parliamentary majority – he assessed. – This is the scale of immorality of this authority, which tells so much about values ​​- he added.

More of the conversation soon.

Main photo source: TVN24

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