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Pay rises for politicians. Two-thirds of Poles do not want pay rises for politicians. The research results

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Last Friday, President Andrzej Duda signed an ordinance introducing increases for deputy ministers. The new regulations will also benefit deputies and senators, whose salaries depend on the amount of the undersecretaries’ salaries. Do Poles support pay rises for politicians? Almost two-thirds of the respondents were against the increase in the salaries of parliamentarians, according to a poll conducted by SW Research for Rzeczpospolita.

A poll for Rzeczpospolita shows that 22.7 percent are convinced that politicians should earn more. respondents, with 15.6 percent. believes that the increases should apply only from the next parliamentary term. 7.1% support immediate hikes. subjects.


65.3% are convinced that the current salaries for politicians are adequate. of the respondents, i.e. almost two-thirds. There are no 12 percent of the opinion on this matter. – reports “Rzeczpospolita”.

– Negative attitude to pay raises is expressed much more often by women (74 percent) than by men (55 percent). The percentage of people who believe that politicians earn adequate wages declines as respondents grow older (72 percent among the youngest, 63 percent among the oldest respondents). The increases are critically assessed by 7 out of 10 people whose income is in the range of PLN 2001-3000 and a similar percentage of inhabitants of cities with 100,000 to 199,000 people – explains Piotr Zimolzak, vice president of the board of the research agency SW Research, quoted by the daily.

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Pay increases for politicians

Last week, a presidential ordinance was published in the Journal of Laws, which introduced price increases from August 1, among others for the prime minister, marshals of the Sejm and Senate and other persons holding managerial positions in the state, including undersecretaries of state (deputy ministers). Thanks to the regulation, the salaries of parliamentarians also increased, because – in accordance with the Act on the performance of the mandate of a deputy and senator – their salary corresponds to 80 percent. the amount of the undersecretary of state’s salary, excluding the seniority allowance. According to the regulation signed by the president, the prime minister and marshals would earn over 20,000. PLN per month, and deputies and senators instead of PLN 8016.07 – approx. 12.5 thousand. zloty.

On Monday, however PiS has submitted to the Sejm a draft amendment to the act on remuneration of persons holding state executive positions and working in local government. It assumes, inter alia, increase by 40% remuneration for the president, increase in the amount of allowances for councilors by 60% and an increase in the remuneration of local government employees.

The Civic Coalition is against the planned increaseswho submitted a draft to the Sejm aimed at blocking the increase in the salaries of politicians. The project is the result of the Monday meeting of the KO club authorities with the leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk.

The draft KO provides for the reduction of salaries to the level in force before the entry into force of the presidential regulation. In addition, it was proposed to maintain the amount of these salaries at the same level until the end of 2023. The draft is also to ensure that the salaries of the president, former presidents, councilors and people holding high positions in local government units will not be increased until December 31, 2023.

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