Pb95 and diesel fuel prices October 2023. Reflex and e-petrol analysis


The decline in EU95 petrol and diesel prices at stations ended in September, and the first week of October ends with an upward correction of average prices – analysts from Refleks reported on Friday. We cannot count on further price drops at gas stations, they added.

“At the stations of the largest player on the market, the popular 95 and diesel cost the same as last week, i.e. PLN 5.99/l or less, but at stations belonging to other chains or independent stations we have the first increases. In some of them on a weekly basis The price of a liter of fuel increased by several cents per liter or more. Next week the situation will be similar. We cannot count on further declines,” analysts said in a comment.

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According to Refleks, average fuel prices (as of October 5, 2023) were respectively: for unleaded petrol 95 – PLN 6.06/l (+2 gr/l during the week), unleaded 98 – PLN 6.76/l (-2 gr/l), diesel oil 6 PLN 10/l (+ PLN 2/l), autogas – PLN 2.99/l (+ PLN 3/l) and remain lower than last year. At the beginning of October last year, a liter of unleaded 95 gasoline was on average 52 groszy more expensive, 98 gasoline by 62 groszy, a liter of diesel oil cost more by PLN 1.49, and a liter of LPG by 12 groszy.

A hot topic of the election campaign

In their Friday commentary, analysts of the e-petrol.pl portal pointed out that the beginning of October brings a reversal of the downward trend at gas stations. “Last week, the price of diesel oil and autogas increased, and only 95-octane gasoline managed to maintain last week’s price levels,” they pointed out. They added that in recent days, oil and fuels have become significantly cheaper in the world, but in Poland there is no trace of this reduction.

In their opinion, the forecast for the coming week assumes stabilization of refueling costs, with the exception of autogas becoming more expensive. “The expected price ranges for individual fuel types are as follows: PLN 5.94-6.06/l for 95-octane gasoline, PLN 5.95-6.09/l for diesel, and PLN 2.98-3.12 for LPG PLN/l” – informed e-petrol.pl analysts.

They pointed out that fuels are an extremely hot topic in this year’s election campaign. “At its end, after a series of reports about numerous failures of dispensers at gas stations, the discussion is no longer even about their prices, but about their availability for drivers,” they said.

According to e-petrol.pl data, average for a week diesel fuel price remained at stations below PLN 6. “At the beginning of October, the price of diesel fueling increased by 3 groszy and a liter of fuel costs PLN 6.02. We recorded a two-cent increase in the case of autogas, which is priced at stations at an average of PLN 2.99/l,” analysts calculated. They added that only 95-octane gasoline managed to resist the price increase, maintaining the level from a week ago and costing an average of PLN 5.99/l.

Main photo source: Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

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