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Pedophilia in the Polish Church. Jan Filip Libicki comments that the PSL senator’s entry aroused great emotions

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Senator of the Polish People’s Party Jan Filip Libicki wrote on social media about the “temptation to stop caring so much” about the victims of pedophilia in the Church. This is how he referred to the entry of journalist Tomasz Terlikowski. The press spokesman for the peasant party reported that the group dissociated itself from Libicki’s comment.

Senator PSL On Sunday, Jan Filip Libicki posted a Twitter entry in which he referred to the activity of journalist Tomasz Terlikowski. “The fervor with which the editor @tterlikowski puts every victim of pedophilia in the center in the center gives me – he admits that it is bad – the temptation to stop caring about them so much. For now, I am fighting this temptation effectively, but I don’t know how long …. @nowePSL ” – we read in Libicki’s entry.

Terlikowski replied to the post. “He asks for this fervor Pope Francisit comes from the Gospel. But to understand it, you have to meet the wronged, see the scale of the phenomenon (not only in the Church), get out of the comfort zone. I encourage you to do it because it is an experience of conversion,” wrote the journalist (original spelling).

Libicki’s entry aroused great emotions, the tweet has over 1,400 responses and has been viewed over half a million times. Among the people who referred to the PSL senator’s entry are, among others: Błażej Kmieciak, Chairman of the State Commission for Pedophilia.

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“Senator @jflibicki with your sensitivity and experience, such words?! Christ Lord, this is not possible! This is how the injured / undead are supposed to be in the CENTER, they, not curia, purples and purples are the Church, and hurting them is a real profanation of the one who created this Church “- wrote Kmieciak.

The PSL dissociates itself from its senator’s statements. This information was provided on Twitter on Sunday evening by the PSL spokesman, Miłosz Motyka. “As @nowePSL, we strongly dissociate ourselves from Senator @jflibicki’s entry. This tweet in no way reflects the opinion of our group. We apologize,” the spokesman for the Peasant Party wrote.

Jan Filip Libicki explains

Libicki then explained in a blog entry on the Salon24 portal that his tweet referred to Tomasz Terlikowski’s Saturday entry. “Each of us knows someone who has been hurt, in every parish, in every community, in every order and congregation, in every seminary, they are sexually abused. Discovering that they are at the center of the Church changes thinking. There is no going back to what was,” wrote Terlikowski on Saturday.

The PSL senator justified his Sunday entry on Twitter by saying that he believed the journalist’s statement to be untrue. “Moreover, I believe that formulating such opinions dulls the public’s sensitivity to those cases of church pedophilia that actually took place. And that’s what my tweet was about,” said Jan Filip Libicki.

Tomasz Terlikowski announced on Sunday evening that he did not intend to withdraw his words. “Nowhere did I write (…) that in every parish, convent, seminar someone was sexually harmed. I wrote that in each of these places THEY ARE sexually harmed. And I added, because it is obvious that they were harmed not only in the Church. And this is not my invention, it is pure statistics, “wrote the journalist in the explanation he posted on social media.

Main photo source: PAP/Pawel Supernak

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