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Pędzimąż, Pieczejlebek, Cyps or Zyps, Ojczenasz. People with unusual surnames don't have it easy

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Unique, surprising names – is it an advantage or a burden? There are 117 people in Poland with the surname Ojczenasz. There are also surnames Pędzimąż, Pieczejlebek and Cyps or Zyps. Yes, it is one name – Cyps or Zyps. Some people change unusual surnames, others wear them with pride.

Mrs. Sylwia took her married name almost 20 years ago. – I remember baking my first loaf and calling my mother-in-law and saying: I've completed the name! – remembers Sylwia Pieczejlebek. From then on, her great passion began. Both for bread and for name.

Award for the strangest surname in Poland

Another lady, Sylwia, also took her married name: Cyps or Zyps, and she proudly wears it. – Well, they usually ask: “Will you decide? This or that,” says Sylwia Cyps or Zyps. This is one name, although it causes many misunderstandings. For example, when registering a child for a doctor's appointment. – The lady asks if I'm sure I'm the father, because I don't know my son's name – recalls Mariusz Cyps or Zyps.

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Almost 20 years ago, Mr. Mariusz won the competition for the strangest surname in Poland. The older he gets, the more he sees its advantages, but one thing does not change. – The most important thing is to always have your ID with you – says Mr. Mariusz.

In the case of Mrs. Izabella's surname Ojczenasz, there are also many doubters. – How, are you sure, am I sure that's my surname? – comments Izabela Ojczenasz.

Mrs. Iza is this year's high school graduate, she is just choosing her field of study, and Mr. Rafał Jakoktochce, as a student with an original name, was immediately noticeable. – I couldn't come up with a number with the title that my friends put me on the attendance list and I'm not in the room – admits Rafał Jakoktochce.

“The name is supposed to mean, not mean”

Mr. Dominik Chomik, an academic lecturer, admits that having an original name has its advantages. – It really cools down any innovations in terms of coming up with nicknames for such a person. Because while my other colleagues had their nicknames, I was always Chomik – recalls Dominik Chomik.

In Poland, the most popular surnames are those ending in -ski or -ska, but there are also many unusual surnames.

– A name never offends. We must remember that this is a proper name. It is supposed to mean, but not mean – comments Maciej Makselon, literary editor and Polish teacher. A problematic surname can be changed. Only in Gdańsk, about 800 such decisions are issued a year, but you need to have an important reason and the application must be well justified.

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– If the name and surname are ridiculing, if they are inconsistent with human dignity – says Grażyna Gorczyca from the Civil Registry Office in Gdańsk. You can also change your name if it causes a lot of uncomfortable situations.

– A consultant from the bank called and he simply couldn't laugh, he couldn't talk to me. He couldn't pronounce my name – says Sylwia Pieczemlebek. For the heroes of this material, their names are not a reason to laugh, but a reason for pride and satisfaction.

Author:Dominika Ziółkowska

Main photo source: TVN24

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