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Pegasus – investigative commission. Jarosław Kaczyński before the committee

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A meeting of the investigative committee into the Pegasus case will be held on Friday. The hearing of former Deputy Prime Minister for Security Jarosław Kaczyński is scheduled for 11 a.m. According to the commission members, the president of Law and Justice is one of the key witnesses in this case.

Hearing Jarosław Kaczyński we will broadcast on TVN24 and TVN24 GO.

On Friday at The meeting of the investigative committee for Pegasus will begin at 9. The first witness is to be a professor at the Department of Security Systems at the Naval Academy in Gdynia, Ph.D. Jerzy Kosiński. Then, at 11. Jarosław Kaczyński's hearing is scheduled.

President PIS When asked on Tuesday whether he would appear at Friday's committee meeting, he said he would be there “because he had an obligation to be there.” – I am afraid that there will be many questions that I am not able to answer, because simply my orientation in this matter (…) I am afraid, does not exceed much, or maybe does not exceed at all, what is in this matter moment in the media – said Jarosław Kaczyński.

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Jaroslaw KaczynskiSzymon Pulcyn/PAP

Trela: the interrogation will show his scope of knowledge

According to the commission members, Kaczyński is a key witness because, as deputy prime minister for security, he should have extensive knowledge about wiretapping.

The deputy head of the commission, Tomasz Trela, said that its members assumed that the work should start with questioning the man who actually decided what was happening in Poland for the last eight years. – That's why we decided to summon Jarosław Kaczyński – he explained.

He admitted that he expected cooperation from Kaczyński. He added that “the interrogation will show his scope of knowledge, attitude and willingness to cooperate with the investigative commission.” – It may be that Kaczyński will answer a few questions: “I don't know”, “I don't remember”, “I have no idea”, but it cannot be his tactic and answer to every question. This is what a man who did not hold any public office could say, emphasized Trela.

– We will certainly not fall for such things, because there are documents, specific competences, scopes of tasks of the relevant members of the Council of Ministers, and Kaczyński also had such a scope of tasks – he added.

Sroka: many people in the committee will be able to surprise the president

– Jarosław Kaczyński may cover himself with ignorance. I am prepared for this and I think that many people in the committee who are also preparing for this hearing will be able to surprise the president – said Magdalena Sroka (PSLThe Third Way) in the video podcast “Women's Choice” on TVN24 GO.

In a conversation with Arleta Zalewska and Aleksandra Pawlicka, the chairwoman of the investigative committee for Pegasus also said that CBA During the PiS government, it bought a spy system against the recommendations of the Internal Security Agency. – ABW was even forced to purchase this system, but withdrew at the last moment, precisely indicating the areas of threats related to its purchase. It is not true that the CBA was supposed to purchase this system from the beginning. They tried to involve other services, Sroka explained.

The Pegasus Commission of Inquiry is to examine the legality, regularity and purposefulness of activities undertaken using this software, including: by the government, secret services and police from November 2015 to November 2023. The Commission is also to determine who was responsible for the purchase of Pegasus and similar tools for the Polish authorities.

Main photo source: Szymon Pulcyn/PAP

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