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Pegasus. Parliamentary committee on surveillance. Radosław Sikorski comments

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Radosław Sikorski, MEP of the Civic Platform, commenting in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 on his party’s agreement with Paweł Kukiz on the investigative commission that would investigate illegal surveillance from 2005, said that if such a commission was created, it would “debunk the myths about alleged abuse of secret services under the previous PO-PSL government “. “With nothing to hide, it’s very good we agreed to it,” he added.


A group of researchers from Citizen Lab, operating at the University of Toronto, in the expert opinion showed that in Poland, under surveillance by the Pegasus software, were attorney Roman Giertych, prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek and senator of the Civic Coalition Krzysztof Brejza. The fact that Brejza was under surveillance has also been independently confirmed by Amnesty International. According to Citizen Lab, senator Krzysztof Brejza was under surveillance 33 times before the 2019 parliamentary elections, when he was chief of the KO election staff. No proceedings are pending against the politician.

“Gazeta Wyborcza” reported that the chairman of the Civic Coalition, Borys Budka, told her that he had just concluded an agreement with Paweł Kukiz, the leader of Kukiz’15 parliamentary investigative committeethat would investigate issues related to reports of Pegasus surveillance. The head of the KO agreed to investigate the surveillance from 2005, because – according to “GW” – “he believes that the commission should summarize the entire office of the current head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kamiński”

Sikorski: It is very good that we agreed to it

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The MEP of the Civic Platform, former head of diplomacy, Radosław Sikorski, spoke about the agreement between the Civic Platform and Kukiz regarding the parliamentary commission in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. He was asked if if such a commission was established, it would be a “blow to PiS”.

– If it arises, because we know that there is a (parliamentary-ed.) Freezer and Marshal Witek is not an independent politician, because there are no independent politicians there at all – he said.

Sikorski said that if the commission was created, it would “debunk the myths about the alleged abuse of secret services under the previous PO-PSL government.” – Because I would like to remind you that back then there was a prosecutor’s office independent of the government – he added.

– With nothing to hide, it is very good that we agreed to it – said the MEP.

Sikorski: Pegasus is a scandal a hundred times greater than Watergate

The TVN24 guest stated that “Pegasus is a scandal a hundred times greater than Watergate”. “Because the guys who broke into Watergate wanted to steal some papers.” And here the whole life of the head of the election campaign of the largest opposition party was sucked in. This is a much bigger scandal. Of course, we are a much smaller country than the United States, but this interference in the electoral process was much deeper, he added.

In his opinion, the currently ruling politicians “know that they use this technology not to fight terrorism and to fight the most serious crime, but to dirty, ad hoc political struggle with the prosecutor, patron and senator, because they want to unfairly win elections.”

Sikorski: Mark Brzezinski has ambitious plans to tighten the Polish-American alliance

The guest of “Kropka nad i” also referred to the swearing-in Marek Brzezinski as the US ambassador to Poland.

Sikorski said that Brzezinski “feels enormous sympathy for our country” and “has ambitious plans to strengthen the Polish-American alliance”. Taking into account the lecturer’s attention that there was some resistance on the Polish side for Brzezinski to become the ambassador, he replied: – we have the beauty of this government that thinks that it is pursuing a foreign policy when it makes puppy difficulties for the next ambassadors of other large, allied states.

Sikorski: this will be Russia’s unjustified possessive aggression against its defenseless neighbor

Sikorski was also asked if in his opinion there could be a Russo-Ukrainian war. – It will not be Russia’s war with Ukraine, it will be Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a democratic country which has been defending itself for seven years. It will be like Russia’s unjustified possessive aggression against its defenseless neighbor, he said. As he said, the forces at Russia’s disposal may not be enough to “pacify Ukraine as President Putin may imagine.”

In this context, he also mentioned the involvement of the United States. – It is very significant that it was the United States that began to warn the Ukrainians and the world of the impending aggression first, and that it gave Ukraine an advantage at the strategic level. But it seems that they also help them on a tactical level – added the MEP.

Main photo source: TVN24

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