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Pegasus, surveillance. Jacek Bilewicz: two proceedings are ongoing

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Acting national prosecutor Jacek Bilewicz informed that two proceedings are ongoing in the Pegasus case. – I cannot talk about details, but I can assure you that we will cooperate with the investigative commission – he added.

Acting national prosecutor Jacek Bilewicz was asked in an interview for “Newsweek” whether he had information about Pegasus and how many people were under surveillance.

– I have information about two ongoing proceedings, but I cannot talk about the details. We will cooperate with the established investigative commissions, both in the Pegasus and… elections envelopes – he declared.

He noted that “in the Pegasus case, the situation is so sensitive that most of the information concerns classified materials, so not everything can be transparent to citizens.”

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When asked whether the names of the persons under surveillance would be disclosed to the public, he replied: – It is difficult to say, but since it concerns classified materials, this clarification process will not be as open as that of other investigative commissions.

Bilewicz: this is why we need to rebuild trust in the prosecutor’s office

He emphasized that “this is why we need to rebuild trust in the prosecutor’s office, so that investigative commissions do not replace it, but rather that the prosecutor’s office performs these activities.”

– First of all, I want the prosecutor’s office to be open to citizens. However, when it comes to relations with investigative commissions, the first team at the National Prosecutor’s Office has already been established to investigate the Justice Fund. Please remember that Pegasus was to be purchased from this fund – added Bilewicz.

Brejza under surveillance with Pegasus

A group of researchers from Citizen Lab, operating at the University of Toronto, determined that Krzysztof Brejza, a politician from the Civic Coalition, was under surveillance with Pegasus 33 times before the 2019 parliamentary elections. The organization also confirmed the hacking of the politician’s smartphone Amnesty International.

The journalists of “Superwizjer” TVN, in the report “Operation codename Jaszczurka”, established that despite the use of Pegasus, the CBA did not find any evidence of financial crimes involving Brejza, and the service included such a pretext in applications for operational control submitted to the courts.

Agnieszka Kwiatkowska-Gurdak, acting head of the Central Anticorruption Bureau, confirmed the use of this software against Brejza

READ MORE: Pegasus was used against Krzysztof Brejza. Testimony of the head of the CBA

It was appointed in the Sejm commission of inquiry into operational and reconnaissance activities using Pegasus. On January 26, its members were appointed. The committee’s deliberations began on the same day.

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