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Penalty points 2023. Big changes for drivers are getting closer – Kuba Bielak comments

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Further changes to the Road Traffic Act are getting closer. Penalty points are to be removed again after one year, not after two years. – It is incomprehensible to withdraw from this decision after a year and three months, where there is no research as to whether it affected safety or not – Kuba Bielak, an automotive journalist, commented on TVN24’s “You get up and the weekend”. Courses reducing penalty points, implemented by voivodship traffic centers, are also to return.

The Sejm on Friday adopted the amendment to the Road Traffic Law. The legislation will now go to the Senate. The new regulations are intended to restore the legal situation from before 2022, according to which information on the number of points received, collected in the central register, is to be deleted after one year, not two years.

Cuba Bielak, an automotive journalist from the Academy of Forge Drivers, said in “You get up and weekend” on TVN24 that this is an incomprehensible step from the point of view of road safety.

Penalty points 2023 – changes

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“It is incomprehensible to withdraw from this decision after a year and three months, where there is no research on whether it affected safety or not, whether the situation has improved,” he pointed out. – It is constantly said that it is better, but we have been lagging behind Europe for 30 years, because we are sixth from the end when it comes to road safety – noted Bielak.

In his opinion, the change is understandable, but from “only a political point of view”. According to the automotive journalist, “road safety in the country is still used for various purposes and often politicized”.

He also drew attention to the election calendar. The change in the deletion of penalty points is to come into force three months after the announcement. – Three months will be the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, so the hottest pre-election period, and this is a change that is “for drivers, for society”, we give you something cool, we not only punish, but we remove these penalties – said Kuba Bielak.

Courses reducing penalty points are back

Pursuant to the amendment to the Road Traffic Law, drivers will be able to take part in a paid training course maximum once every six months, which will reduce 6 penalty points. The odds reducing penalty points disappeared on September 17, 2022. Taking a 6-hour course with the participation of a policeman and a psychologist was the basis for reducing the number of penalty points by 6. The course cost several hundred zlotys.

– This is quite significant and also a very interesting thing, because I can’t resist the impression that the state attaches great importance to taking care of the state institution, which are WORDs (provincial traffic centers – ed.) – assessed the guest “You get up and weekend”. As he pointed out, WORDs have already raised exam fees, “fees for the retake exam, which is probably 70 percent of WORD’s source of income.”

He added that courses reducing penalty points were also “some kind of income” for WORDs. – In this change, the amendment does not say what the exchange rate will be – noted Bielak, pointing out that detailed information is to be published later in the regulation.

– We may be surprised suddenly that we will pay a lot of money for this course. Such care for these state WORD institutions also seems exaggerated to me. I don’t know why these institutions must be state-owned, maybe it would be worth privatizing these institutions, maybe they would rebound financially – assessed the motoring journalist.

Kuba Bielak reminded that there was a project that assumed that the course reducing penalty points would not last a few hours, but only a few days. It was supposed to cost around $2,000. zloty.

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