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Penalty points 2023. Training to reduce penalty points is back, the program has been published – there is a regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration

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Training to reduce penalty points returns after a year’s break. They will last longer and there will be a practical exercise. A regulation on this matter was published in the Journal of Laws and a training program was attached to it. The regulations will enter into force on Sunday, September 17.

According to the regulations, drivers will be able to take part in paid training no more than once every six months, which will reduce up to 6 penalty points. This does not apply to the driver during the first year from the date of first issue of the driving license. The regulations enabling the re-organization of training will enter into force on Sunday, September 17, 2023. This means the return of training after a year, as it disappeared on September 17, 2022.

Training to reduce penalty points

In accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration, the training will now be extended from 6 to 8 hours of lectures. The lectures will be divided into four thematic blocks (2 hours each):

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  • road traffic rules and regulations,
  • road accidents in Poland – causes, effects, prevention,
  • legal and social consequences of road accidents and criminal liability of perpetrators for crimes and offenses against safety and order in transport,
  • psychological aspects of driving.

The training will be conducted by a police officer from the road traffic unit or by another person with specialist knowledge in the field of road traffic safety, by a transport psychologist and by an examiner of persons applying for driving licenses or a person employed by the provincial road traffic center with driving instructor qualifications or driving technique instructor.

There will also be a practical exercise. This concerns emergency braking at speeds: 30 km/h and 50 km/h.

Journal of Laws

The training will be carried out in one day. No more than 15 people will be able to participate in one training.

After the driver presents a certificate of completion of training or receives this certificate from the director of the provincial road traffic center, the provincial police commander competent for the person’s place of residence will reduce the number of points by a maximum of 6, subtracting them in the order of entries, starting with the entry corresponding to the violation committed with the earliest date.

According to the regulations, points assigned to an infringement for which a fine was imposed by way of a penalty notice will not be deducted if the fine has not been paid by the date of presentation of the certificate. The number of points deducted for the training cannot be higher than the number of points received for violating road traffic regulations before the training.

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