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Pensioner ID card in the application. ZUS provides new data

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Over 200,000 retirees and pensioners have already downloaded the electronic version of the ID card, which is available in the free mObywatel application. The oldest user of this app is 98 years old. Thanks to mLegitymacja, you can, among other things, prove the right to health services and take advantage of discounts.

From January 2023, pensioner ID cards are issued in electronic form. You can use them on your own mobile device, e.g. on your phone, using the free mObywatel mobile application. In the application, just select the “Add document” option and indicate the pensioner’s ID card in the displayed list of documents. From now on, the mLegitymacji icon will be visible on the desktop of the application.

– The electronic version of mLegitymacji is downloaded not only by people who have switched to retirement in January. It is also used by those who have a traditional plastic ID card. This shows that the introduction of this type of modern solutions for pensioners is a good step – said the president ZUS prof. Gertrude Uscinska.

ID card on the phone

The MLegitymacja works like a traditional document, the pensioner confirms that he is entitled to the reliefs he is entitled to by presenting the MLegitymacja on the smartphone screen.

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The largest number of beneficiaries who collected mLegitymacja is in the 62-72 age group, then in the 52-62 and 72-82 age groups.

The largest group among beneficiaries receiving mLegitymacja are pensioners.

Pensioners who would like to receive a traditional identity card in the form of a card will have to submit an application (ERL form). ZUS pointed out that the ID cards of old-age and disability pensioners that were issued before 2023 are valid according to the expiry date.

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