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Pensions 2023. Important changes for working pensioners and pensioners – new limits for earning extra money from 1.03.23

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Retirees and pensioners who have not reached the general retirement age will be able to earn more. The amount will change from March 1 as a result of the increase in the average salary in the country in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Retirees and pensioners can earn extra money, but they must remember about income limits. They concern early retirees, i.e. those who have not reached the retirement age (60 years for women and 65 years for men) and pensioners. Exceeding the limits may result in ZUS reduce or suspend the payment of the benefit.

The allowance limits change every three months.

According to the data of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, number of retired people working as at the end of October 2022, it amounted to almost 816 thousand.

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Pensions and disability pensions – income limits from March 1, 2023

In order not to run the risk of being reduced pension or pensions, the income cannot exceed 70% of average monthly salary. From March 1, it will be PLN 4,713.40. Currently – from December 1 – it is PLN 4,536.50.

The benefit may also be suspended if the excess is higher than 130%. average salary. From the beginning of March, this amount will be PLN 8,753.50, and not PLN 8,424.90 as before.

The new threshold income amounts will be higher, as the average salary in Poland increased in the fourth quarter of 2022. The Central Statistical Office reported that the average salary in the last three months of last year was PLN 6,733.49. For comparison, in the third quarter it was PLN 6,480.67.

If your income exceeds 70% of average monthly salary, but it will not be higher than 130 percent. of this remuneration, this benefit will be reduced by the amount exceeded, but not more than by the amount of the maximum reduction.

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