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Pensions and annuities – indexation 2024. Care allowance, orphan’s allowance – these benefits will also increase

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The March indexation will cover not only pensions and annuities – reminds Paweł Żebrowski, spokesman for the Social Insurance Institution. The amounts of allowances and cash benefits are also to be increased. For example, the care allowance will increase from PLN 294.39 to PLN 330.07. The indexation will cover benefits granted until the end of February 2024.

Every year in March ZUS carries out indexation of pension and disability benefits. This year pensions and pensions will be increased in percentage terms, and the final value of the indicator – 112.12 percent – was published on February 12 in Monitor Polski by a communique from the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy.

Benefits up

The ZUS spokesman reminds that after indexation, the amount of the lowest pension, survivor’s pension and pension for total incapacity for work will increase from PLN 1,588.44 to PLN 1,780.96. The pension for partial incapacity for work from March 1, 2024 will amount to PLN 1,335.72, and the social pension will be increased to PLN 1,780.96.

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“The limit amount of the supplementary benefit will also increase to PLN 2,419.33. The amount of the honorary benefit for centenarians who will celebrate their 100th birthday after February 29 this year will also increase. From March 1, the honorary benefit will amount to PLN 6,246.13,” he points out. Żebrowski.

The indexation will also cover other additions

He emphasizes that in addition to long-term benefits, the indexation will also cover the amounts of allowances and cash benefits paid together with the retirement or disability pension. This is, for example, a care allowance granted to a person who is over 75 years of age or who is completely incapable of working and living independently. It is also an allowance for complete orphans, paid to people receiving survivors’ pensions whose parents are deceased. “The allowance for a complete orphan will increase from PLN 553.30 to PLN 620.36, the care allowance from PLN 294.39 to PLN 330.07, the allowance for secret teaching from PLN 294.39 to PLN 330.07, the care allowance for a recognized war invalid. for a person completely incapable of work and independent living from PLN 441.59 to PLN 495.11, and the energy lump sum from PLN 255.17 to PLN 299.82,” the ZUS spokesman calculates.

There is no need to submit an application

There is no need to submit applications for the benefit to be indexed, it is done automatically. Every retiree and disability pensioner who was entitled to payment of benefits as of February 29 will receive a decision on the new amount of their benefit. “The sending of indexation decisions will start no earlier than in April. Together with the decisions on indexation, we will also send decisions on granting the so-called thirteen. Before that, information about the indexation amount will be available on your account in the ZUS Electronic Services Platform,” adds Żebrowski.

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