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Pensions, disability pensions 2023. How much will the indexation be? Who will receive the thirteenth pension? ZUS will send millions of letters

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Pensioners will receive a letter from the Social Insurance Institution. The shipment is scheduled to start in the second half of April, Paweł Żebrowski, ZUS spokesman, told TVN24 Biznes. There will be two pieces of information in the envelope. In total, ZUS will send over 8 million letters.

Old-age and disability pensions are indexed annually from 1 March. This year, the valorization will be based on the amount and percentage. The minimum increase in benefits will be PLN 250 gross, this applies to persons who receive benefits up to the amount of approximately PLN 1,700. Others will receive higher pensions by 14.8 percent.

From March 1, 2023, the lowest pension will increase from PLN 1,388.44 gross (PLN 1,218 net) to PLN 1,588.44 gross (PLN 1,445 net).

ZUS will send letters to pensioners

It will inform you about the new amount of the benefit ZUS. “ZUS is obliged by law to provide such information to beneficiaries. The sending of indexation decisions will be carried out – as in previous years – together with the sending of the decision to grant an additional annual cash benefit – in one envelope” – said Paweł Żebrowski, ZUS press officer .

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It is about the so-called thirteenth pension, which is generally paid in April along with an ordinary old-age or disability pension. Pursuant to the regulations, the thirteens are paid – regardless of the amount of the main benefit – in the amount of the lowest old-age pension applicable from 1 March of the year in which the additional benefit is paid.

“Due to the fact that the additional annual cash benefit is granted in the month following the month of indexation, we plan to start sending combined decisions in the second half of April this year.” Zebrowski said.

He added that “decisions will be sent according to payment deadlines – starting from the second half of April”.

However, some beneficiaries will receive letters sooner. “The exception will be the valorization decisions for people staying in Social Welfare Homes, Care and Treatment Centers and Nursing and Care Institutions. Valorization decisions for these people will be sent in March” – explained the ZUS spokesman.

How many letters?

Why do seniors find two pieces of information in their correspondence? Paweł Żebrowski explains it with savings.

“Due to the savings, the indexation decision and the decision to grant an additional annual cash benefit will be sent in one envelope, on which the amount of the benefit will be given” – he said.

ZUS will send a total of over 8 million letters. “As part of last year’s shipment of combined indexation decisions and decisions on granting an additional annual cash benefit, 8.5 million shipments were sent. We expect a comparable volume of shipments this year” – said the ZUS spokesman.


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