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Pensions – worrying forecasts. The program “Poland and the World” on TVN24

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The demographic decline is doing its job – currently there are 390 retirees per 1,000 people of working age. In 30 years, there will be more than twice as many of them. This means that today’s 30-year-olds will not have a chance to make a living from their pension, because it will be very low. The gap in ZUS is getting bigger and bigger. Material from the program “Poland and the World”.

Apparently only on retired real life begins. The Intergenerational Activity Center in Warsaw knows something about it. Marek worked for 42 years. What ZUS transfers every month is not overwhelming, but it is enough for a dignified life and fulfillment of dreams.

Retired life

– Starting with singing – I threw myself into the whirlwind of singing, theater circle, ping pong, because unfortunately my beloved volleyball is not allowed on my knees – said Marek Kołkowski, a pensioner from Warsaw.

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Mrs. Emilia was a nurse for 41 years, she dreamed of retirement, although she was counting on it, the household budget would decrease a bit.

– I was afraid of this pension for financial reasons, but it turns out that it is not so bad – at least for now – said Emilia Krzyżanowska, a pensioner from Warsaw.

Demographic low

People who will soon stop working for their ZUS benefits can be calm, although the demographic crisis is making itself felt and more and more strongly.

– There is no denying that the number of retirees will increase in the coming years. This will be an important element of spending from the Social Insurance Fund. Our forecasts show that expenses will grow not only because of indexation, but also because there will be more and more retirees – said Paweł Żebrowski, spokesman for the ZUS headquarters.

Currently, there are 390 retirees per 1,000 people of working age, in 2060 it will be over 800, and 20 years later, 839 retirees – according to the latest ZUS forecast.

– ZUS will not go bankrupt. ZUS is supplied from the state budget – if it runs out of money, the state will pay extra to the Social Insurance Fund. Therefore, ZUS and the one who pays pensions could go bankrupt if the state goes bankrupt, and this is not likely to happen – emphasized economist Piotr Kuczyński, Xelion Investment House.

With our society aging at such a rate and birth statistics scouring the bottom, the pension system will soon be put to the greatest test in its history.

– At the moment, more or less 2.5 people work for one retiree. In these few decades it will be 1.25, which is half of that, and that will be a problem. The state will have a problem because it will have to pay more. If we are to retire at a very low age, we have such an effect – said Kuczyński.

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) also encourages pensioners to work. – A person who reaches the retirement age and stays in the workplace for one year may gain up to 15 percent to the pension – indicated Żebrowski.

Economists for today’s 30-year-olds do not have good news.

– I think that 30-year-olds should not count on making a living from pensions in the future, because we have known this for a long time – for 20 years the number of people at working age has been drastically decreasing in relation to the number of people who receive benefits – explained Dr. Edyta Wojtyla from the WSB University in Poznań.

So you have to try to protect yourself somehow. Therefore, we must try to invest even small amounts, but as long as possible and starting as early as possible, to invest somewhere. Where – this is a separate topic, but (you must) have this additional element of security – noted economist Marek Zuber.

The hole in the Social Insurance Fund is constantly growing, but according to experts, the real crisis awaits Poland around 2040.

– When the baby boom generation from the early 1980s retires, we will be among the countries that are aging the fastest in Europe, and maybe even in the world – said prof. Paweł Strzelecki, Institute of Statistics and Demography, Warsaw School of Economics.

Therefore, there is no way out – you have to think about the autumn of life when you are young.

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