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Peppa Pig. Boris Johnson lost the plot during the speech. He told about visiting Peppa Pig World

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a meeting with business leaders in England. Unfortunately, he got lost in his notes during the speech. After a long while, he began to talk about his visit to the Peppa Pig Park. As he added, everyone should go there.

The situation took place during the Monday’s meeting of the prime minister with representatives of the Confederation of British Industry in the Port of Tyne in northern England.

Johnson was standing on the stage talking, but at one point he clearly lost himself. – Damn it – he sighed then under his breath, and after a while – as Reuters writes – mumbled several times “forgive me”, addressing the audience.

After a while he “came back” with a speech, started talking about “unicorns” in the technology industry, then moved on to the story of his visit to the Peppa Pig World children’s amusement park, whose theme is based on a British fairy tale ” Peppa Pig”.


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Peppa Pig with his familyalice-photo / Shutterstock

– Yesterday I went, as we all should, to Peppa Pig World. I was delighted. This is my style place. There are very safe streets and discipline in schools, said the British Prime Minister. Who would believe that a pig that looks like a dryer, or more like a Picasso dryer, a pig that was rejected by the BBC, would now be exported to 180 countries, both in America and China, in the form of theme parks? Johnson wondered. As Reuters writes, he also asked the audience a question whether they were in the park and, hearing from some of them that they were not, expressed his surprise.

In his speech, the Prime Minister of Great Britain stressed the need for a “green industrial revolution” and stressed that the government could try to reduce taxes and regulations for business at times.

Main photo source: alice-photo / Shutterstock

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