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Friday, October 22, 2021

Perm after the attack at the university. The media reveal the details of the attack.

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Five women and one man were killed in the attack on the University of Perm. The victims ranged in age from 18 to 66. Russian media revealed the details of the attack.

18-year-old Timur Bekmansurow, first-year student of the Perm State Research University, attacked the university on Monday. He came to the scene by taxi. Revealing the details of the incident, the RBK portal reported that the attacker armed with a smoothbore rifle began firing already on the street, at the entrance to the building, where the geology and geography departments are located.


One of the first victims was a security guard who tried to stop the bomber. This one was walking and shooting. Then he went up to the second floor and walked through the passage to another building that contains the chemistry department.

In total, he killed five more women during the attack.

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Perm. Entrance of the building where the perpetrator attacked PAP / EPA

A university student, Anton Kuznetsov, told the RBK portal that he initially confused the sounds of shots with noise at a nearby construction site. – Then people started running out of the department, shouting that they were shooting. We did not attach any importance to it. But photos and videos began to appear on internet forums, he said. He considered the actions of the university administration “disgusting”. – There were no notifications or alarms. After the shots, 10-15 minutes passed, only then something happened, cars of the national guard, police and ambulance arrived – he added.

Ultimately, Bekmansurov was arrested by two traffic police officers who were called for help. As they entered the building, the attacker fired several shots in their direction. They responded with fire, the bomber was wounded.

As reported by the Znak portal, citing its sources, Bekmansurov’s condition is difficult. “None of the security officers and doctors gives the address of the hospital – they are afraid that the indignant residents of Perm will lynch the murderer without a trial and investigation” – informs the portal.

The victims’ families in front of the university building in Perm Reuters

Money to buy weapons

The family of the bomber comes from Tatarstan, she came to Perm a few years ago. – I studied with him. He was weird the whole time. Whenever he got bad grades, he would tell the teachers that he was going to kill them. But no one paid any attention to it – said the killer’s friend from school quoted by Znak. – But everyone knew that he wanted to get a gun license for a long time and got it – recalled another acquaintance of the bomber. The Investigative Committee of Russia reported that Bekmansurov received a firearms license in May of this year.

Neighbors from the block where the attacker’s family lived said that Timur’s father did not live in Perm. – Seems to be somewhere in Udmurtia (a republic that is part of the Russian Federation). I know that he makes his living by fighting wars. He still fought in Chechnya, and later visited almost all hot spots, including the Ukrainian Donbas, an anonymous neighbor told reporters. According to him, Timur saw a gun from childhood, and the apartment was in abundance, the boy was learning to shoot. He was supposed to get money to buy a smoothbore rifle from which he killed six people from his parents.


Suspicions that Bekmansurov was about to attack appeared in May, after the attack on the school in Kazan. – He said that he could just go to his school and “put everyone” – recalled the man who lived next door to the attacker.

Just before the attack, the 18-year-old posted a photo with a gun and a post about the planned attack on his profile on the Russian social network VKontakte. He explained that “he had planned this for a long time and had chosen a place by accident. He also considered his school, shopping centers and hospitals.” The post has been blocked by the site administrator.

A day of mourning in the circuit and at the university

Perm residents put flowers at the campus fence and light candles. Regional authorities promise that the victims’ families will not be left without help.

Tuesday in Perm Oblast was declared a day of mourning. According to the Interfax agency, most of the injured (24 people in total), hospitalized after the attack, recover. The seven most seriously injured people will be transported to Moscow.

Interfax, RBK, Znak.com, Radio Swoboda


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