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Perm. Attack at the university, the lecturer did not stop his classes. An investigation has started

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The Investigative Committee of Russia launched an investigation into the activities of the philosopher Oleg Syromiatnikov, who continued his classes during the attack on the University of Perm. The lecturer said the students were “safe”. The class ended when the officers from the OMON special unit stepped in.

“The management of the university collects data on the activities of teachers on September 20, including Oleg Syromiatnikov, Ph.D. in philology. The final assessment of what happened will be given on the basis of the results of internal control and the work of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation,” the State Research University of Permie.


On September 20, 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurow he made an attempt at his own university, killing six people and injuring several dozen. Armed with a smoothbore rifle, he stormed into the building where the geology and geography departments are located. Later he moved to the chemistry department.

After the attack, the media in Perm reported the accounts of students surprised by the behavior of Oleg Syromiatnikov, a lecturer in the history of Russian literature, and published a recording of his classes at the time of the attack.

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Perm. Entrance to the department where the attack took place PAP / EPA

A request to turn off the lights

The recordings show that a few minutes after the start of the exercises, the mother of one of the students entered the room. She said there was “an emergency, a man with a gun, shooting”. She suggested that the room should be closed. “Then shut up” – replied the lecturer.

Later on the video you hear a series of claps resembling shots, an alarm went off, a police car siren sounded. All this time, the classes continued. Finally, one of the students asked the lecturer if it was possible to turn off the lights in the room “so that we would not be visible”. Syromiatnikov agreed. As the next minutes passed, students began to show lecturers information published on social networks about the attacker and that one should barricade himself indoors. where you are. In response to all this, the man replied, “Come on, let’s be serious: this is an exercise.”

Officers at the scene PAP / EPA

There is a knock on the door

On the recording, someone knocked on the hall door several times, but Syromiatnikov did not open it. When a voice came from outside the door saying they were law enforcement officers, it finally opened.

– Perhaps the fact that the lecturer was still conducting classes should have calmed us down, but I would be much calmer if I could just hide under the desk – one of the students told journalists.

According to students’ reports, the exercises were interrupted when the officers of the OMON special unit entered, who did not hide their surprise about the situation and whose task was to evacuate everyone present in the building.

Flowers and candles in front of the corpus fence STRINGER / PAP / EPA

Lecturer: I did the right thing

Oleg Syromyatnikov himself told the journalist of the Permian portal 59.RU that he did the right thing.

– The dean told me to continue my exercises. Especially that the information (about the attack – ed.) Was not official. I stayed calm and continued with my work. I closed the metal door of the room from the inside. Bullets cannot penetrate them. Would it be better if students panicked and jumped out of windows, breaking their necks? – he answered questions with a question.

The Investigative Committee of Russia launched an investigation into the activities of the lecturer.

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Main photo source: STRINGER / PAP / EPA

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