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Peru. A policeman dressed as a teddy bear arrested a drug-trafficking suspect. The day before Valentine’s Day

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Police officers from Lima decided to use Valentine’s Day to capture a woman suspected of drug trafficking. One of them dressed up as a teddy bear to lull the suspect’s vigilance. Photos from this unusual arrest went viral on the Internet.

The successful campaign was carried out on Tuesday, the day before Valentine’s Day. A policeman from Lima, the capital of Peru, appeared in the north of the city, in the San Martín de Porres district, at the door of a woman suspected of drug trafficking. To avoid arousing her suspicions, he was dressed as a teddy bear and in his hands he held a heart-shaped balloon and a box of chocolates. Other officers also took part in the action and disguised themselves as workers.

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A policeman dressed as a teddy bear detained a woman from Peru

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Footage of the operation was released by Peruvian police. It shows that when the woman went outside, heading towards the teddy bear, it knelt down. Meanwhile, a second policeman ran up to her and eventually they both handcuffed her. It is not known whether the Lima police had information that the woman was expecting a Valentine’s Day gift from another man, but the officers’ idea turned out to be effective. After the successful arrest, officers inspected the woman’s house. Bags were found inside, which, according to reports, contained over 1.5 thousand items. portion of cocaine paste. A second person was also detained in the case – the woman’s mother. Both were charged with drug trafficking.

Referring to the arrest, the police published photos on social media with a joking caption: “Whoever loves you will find you.”

This is not the first time that the Peruvian police have detained people in such an original way. A few days before Christmas in 2023 in the city of Huaral officer dressed as Santa Claus also arrested drug dealers.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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