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Peru. Helium cylinder explodes in car, one person dies

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One person was killed and several others were injured when a helium tank exploded in a car in Lima, Peru, local media reported. Police are investigating the incident. The helium tanks are used to fill balloons.

The explosion occurred in the Los Olivos district on Thursday afternoon. Around 2 p.m., a helium cylinder used to fill balloons exploded in a minivan traveling on Naranjal Avenue. As a result, a 26-year-old student who was driving the vehicle was injured and taken to hospital, where she was pronounced dead, the Peruvian daily Expreso reported on Friday.

The driver of the minivan was detained by police. The website of the newspaper “La República” reported that the 41-year-old Venezuelan was not injured. In addition to the 26-year-old, at least several other people were injured.

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A cylinder of helium exploded in a car

According to the father of the deceased student, quoted by Peruvian media, the driver of the minivan was providing a passenger transport service. “Unfortunately, my daughter used this service because she had bags with her, and sometimes they don't let you on buses with them,” Juan Quispe Ochoa told La República. He emphasized that the cylinder of helium did not belong to his daughter. He also hopes that the police will determine who was transporting her in the car.

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