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Peru. President Pedro Castillo has dismissed Prime Minister Guido Bellido

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Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has dismissed Prime Minister Guido Bellido after just ten weeks in office. In a short period of time, the Bellido engineer managed to cause a cabinet crisis in terms of relations with private capital. His deputy was former vice-president of Congress, attorney Mirtha Vasquez.

President Castillo, announcing the Prime Minister’s resignation on Wednesday, reaffirmed his commitments to private investors made in the election campaign, and at the same time his promises to fight for health, as well as against hunger and poverty.


Prime Minister Guido Bellido tried to pursue a leftist policy, undermining the credibility of a more moderate course that President Castillo has been trying to pursue since taking the presidency, Western agencies commented on the event in Lima. Bellido caused a crisis during his short term in office by directing a kind of ultimatum to a company exploiting the largest Peruvian gas fields. He threatened that if it refused to allow the state to a much larger share of the profits, his government would nationalize the deposits.

It was these actions of the prime minister that were to be the direct reason for his resignation, which he was forced to hand over to President Castillo.

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The reasons for the conflict that grew inside the government office were also such actions of the incumbent prime minister, such as calling on the foreign minister Oscar Maurutur to resign after the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs questioned the legality of the Venezuelan authorities and the presidency of Nicolas Maduro.

Pedro Castillo and Guido BellidoEPA / PAP

Castillo’s commitment

In recent days, discontent within the government over the prime minister’s actions not agreed with the president has been growing.

In a Wednesday evening television address to the nation, President Castillo, declaring his acceptance of the prime minister’s resignation, reaffirmed his assurances made during his visit to the United States regarding guarantees for private investors operating with honesty and a sense of social responsibility, he said.

At the same time, the president emphasized that he remained faithful to his commitment to first of all deal with the great problems of health, hunger and poverty. The president spoke emphatically about the need to “preserve the rule of law” violated by the incumbent head of government.

Castillo also announced the swearing-in of the new cabinet after the change of the head of government.

Meanwhile, Guido Bellido announced on Twitter that he would continue to “fight” by posting a shot from the movie “Gladiator”.

A lawyer instead of an engineer

On Thursday, a Reuters agency reported that the new prime minister was a representative of the moderate left, former vice-president of Congress, lawyer Mirtha Vasquez, known for her long-standing work in the field of civil rights defense.

In the past, Vasquez has defended, inter alia, farmer Maxim Acun in a case against the Yanacocha gold mine owned by Newmont Mining Corp. This case hit the headlines around the world – the Reuters agency recalled the achievements of the new head of government.

Mirtha Vasquez became the new prime minister PAP / EPA

Main photo source: EPA / PAP

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