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Peru. Roadblocks, clashes with the police. Supporters of former President Pedro Castillo are protesting

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Supporters of former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo blocked a number of roads in the country in protest against the removal of the politician from office by parliament on charges of attempting a coup d’état. Due to the blockage of the Panamericana Sur route, serious transport problems were reported between the capital and the border with Chile.

Peruvian media, reporting on the blockades, noted that the most violent protests are taking place in the city of Andahuaylas, in the south of the country.

According to the Peruvian radio MPC, in the capital of the province of Andahuaylas, Castillo’s supporters threw stones at police officers trying to block one of the roads occupied by the demonstrators. Peruvian authorities confirmed that it was necessary to use tear gas to stop the violent demonstrators.

Protests in PeruAldair Mejia/PAP/EPA

On Friday, protests were also held in Cusco, Ica, Chimbote, as well as in the capital Lima, where the police also used tear gas. Due to the blockage of the Panamericana Sur road on Friday, there are serious problems in transport between the country’s capital and the border with Chile.

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The media note that supporters of the imprisonment of the former president, who was removed from office by parliament on Thursday and temporarily detained in Barbadillo, also appeared on the streets of the largest cities.

On Thursday, a court in Lima ruled that Wednesday’s arrest and detention of Castillo was lawful. The court also authorized the seven-day detention of the former president, who is accused of rebellion and attempted coup d’état.

The arrest of Pedro Castillo

Pedro Castillo was arrested by security forces on Wednesday after the Peruvian parliament voted to resign. Earlier, the head of state announced the dissolution of parliament, and also introduced in the country state of emergency.

Photo from December 7

Moment of detention of former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo (second from left)Photo from December 7PAP/EPA/Justice Administration Office HANDOUT

Castillo’s lawyer, quoted on Friday, said that the former president did not remember his words about the dissolution of parliament and the introduction of a state of emergency, because “before the speech he consumed a substance that limited his consciousness.”

After the impeachment of President Castillo, the parliament called on Vice President Dina Boluarte to assume the highest office in the state. Upon her inauguration, the Chalhuanca-born politician who became the first female president Peruannounced its intention to form a government of national unity to resolve the political crisis.

Main photo source: Aldair Mejia/PAP/EPA

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