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PESEL number register. Bank customers may experience major difficulties from June 1

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Up to 10 million inquiries a day may be entered into the PESEL objection register – according to information from the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland. This organization is afraid that such a large number may cause difficulties in using financial services, for example loans or credits.

On June 1, the register of PESEL number reservations, run by the Ministry of Digitization, will become fully operational in Poland. The obligation to verify the PESEL number by financial institutions will come into force. Poles can reserve data there from November 2023.

The Association of Financial Entrepreneurs in Poland (ZPF) estimates that the register of objections to PESEL numbers may receive approximately 10 million inquiries per day. “This huge number is due to, among other things, the fact that the information will be verified not only by financial institutions, but also by telecommunications operators and notaries,” explains ZPF. Adding that “the forecast of such a number of queries to the register raises questions about its efficiency.”

Effects of interruptions in the operation of the PESEL register

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– If the unavailability of the register is shorter than a quarter of an hour, the legislator considers it justified for the entity verifying the PESEL number to refrain from concluding a contract with the client and wait until the system starts working properly again – notes Marcin Czugan, president of the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland.

– Unavailability longer than 15 minutes will result in the need to perform further customer verification activities – adds Czugan. Stressing that this will require patience from customers.

He also emphasizes that from the point of view of a financial institution, the efficiency of the system is special because granting a loan or credit to a client whose PESEL number is in the register will have serious consequences. – Well, the institution will not be able to demand a refund or sell the receivables to the buyer – emphasizes Czugan.

– Taking into account the prospect of such a radical sanction, it can be expected that financial market entities will, out of caution, verify the client's PESEL number even several times in one case, e.g. after submitting a loan application and just before disbursing funds. – says the president.

– While the principles of operation of the PESEL number reservation register seem clear, the functioning of the system in practice will turn out to be a great test of the efficiency of cooperation between its operator and entities that will verify customer data – sums up the president of the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland.

PESEL register. What is this?

The PESEL number reservation register, as this is its proper name, is a central collection of personal data of adult natural persons, kept in an IT system. Its aims are to: provide preventive protection against the consequences of identity theft, oblige certain entities to verify the disclaimer in activities most exposed to identity theft, enable verification of the disclaimer in order to strengthen their own identity verification processes, remove the obligation to provide evidence from a person who has been a victim of a crime, that she was not the one who made the commitment…

This action is intended to provide protection in a situation where someone wants to use a different PESEL number to take out a loan or cash, when they want to order a copy of a SIM card or sign a notarial deed relating to real estate.

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