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Peter Magyar wants to be Viktor Orban's main opponent. “He comes from Fidesz, so he knows what it's like there”

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The approach of Hungarian society towards Viktor Orban and his party is changing. An anti-government protest took place in the country's capital, organized by Peter Magyar. The 43-year-old lawyer, once associated with Orban's party, wants to be a new voice of the opposition and the main opponent of the Hungarian prime minister.

A few days ago, the Hungarian Prime Minister visited the Balkans and talked with Milorad Dodik – a pro-Russian politician subject to American sanctions, who became famous, among other things, for denying the massacre in Srebrenica.

Hungarians, who took part in a large march in Budapest over the weekend, do not want such contacts and such politics by Viktor Orban. The organizer of the anti-government demonstration is 43-year-old lawyer Peter Magyar, who today has the ambition to become Orban's main political opponent.

– I didn't call you here, I didn't start this whole movement, just to overthrow the current power elite. I want to start a new era. I am the spark that will set the whole machine in motion, Magyar said at the opposition rally.

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According to various sources, from several dozen to 100 thousand participants took part in Saturday's march. They are not discouraged by the fact that for years the new opposition leader was associated with Orban's party, Fidesz, and his ex-wife headed the Ministry of Justice and endorsed pseudo-reforms of the judiciary. It was Magyar himself who revealed that his ex-wife was supposed to manually control the prosecutor's office, and on her orders, evidence was to be removed from court files that were inconvenient to the authorities. The woman withdrew from politics, and now her ex-husband wants to establish a new opposition party.

– Only in him I still see hope. It attracts large crowds. He comes from Fidesz himself, so he knows what it's really like there. We suspected huge corruption, and he confirmed all these irregularities, said Zsuzsanna Szigeti, one of the participants of the anti-government protest.

Viktor Orban's main critic organized a demonstration of thousands of people in BudapestReuters

New in Orban's rhetoric

Not only the opposition is mobilizing, but also Viktor Orban himself. In mid-March, on the day of the national holiday, he talked about how important the elections to the European Parliament were, because there was a chance to change the balance of power. In his opinion, the extreme right is growing stronger. – If we want to defend Hungary's freedom and sovereignty, we have no choice. We have to take Brussels. We will move towards Brussels. We will introduce changes in the European Union ourselves. We're not new here. Our country is 1,100 years old, argued the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Orban has been attacking the European Union for years. However, experts note that there is something new in his rhetoric. Now the Hungarian Prime Minister has begun to show greater political ambitions beyond his own country.

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“Brussels must face a new type of Euroscepticism. The body no longer wants to leave the EU, but wants to shape its policy. Starting from support for Ukraine, through the fight against the climate catastrophe, to migration,” says Politico.

If Peter Magyar wants to compete with Viktor Orban, he has very little time to unite Hungarians around him. He hasn't even registered his party yet.

Author:Joanna Stempień

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