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PGE Turn. Electricity prices 2023 – a sharp increase in fees, PGE Obrót issued incorrect invoices

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PGE Obrót issued invoices without taking into account the frozen electricity prices. Incorrect invoices were sent to about 4,000 recipients, the company informed in response to questions from TVN24 Biznes. The company explained what customers should do. We received a notification regarding a sharp increase in fees on Contact 24.

Mrs. Monika from one of the towns near Warsaw informed Contact 24that on June 30, it received invoices from PGE Obrót forecasted for electricity for the coming months. It would not be surprising if not for the fact that the woman noticed a sharp increase in fees. As she reported, previously she regularly paid PLN 186, and now the bill is PLN 560, while electricity consumption regularly remains at a similar level.

– I checked the wear and it’s exactly the same as every year. The tariff charged now according to the forecast is PLN 1.06, and it should be with a shield of 0.40. I paid PLN 186 regularly, and now I have to pay PLN 560? – Miss Monica was surprised.

Incorrect invoices from PGE Obrót

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PGE confirmed that there was indeed an error in the calculations, not only in Monika’s case. “PGE Obrót identified cases of customers for whom invoices were issued without taking into account frozen ones electricity prices. Incorrect invoices were sent to about 4 thousand. recipients,” the press office of the energy company told TVN24 Biznes.

PGE representatives explained that the reason was an error in the billing system in which customer settlements are carried out.

According to the regulations, the freezing of electricity prices at the level from 2022 applies up to certain annual consumption limits: 2 MWh per year for a household, 2.6 MWh for households with people with disabilities and 3 MWh for families with a Large Family Card and farmers. Electricity consumption above the limit will be billed at PLN 858.54 per MWh (including VAT and excise duty) – we read on the PGE Obrót website.

What are customers supposed to do?

The company assured that “PGE Obrót identified all recipients affected by the error and started informing customers via the communication channels accepted by them (SMS, e-mail or traditional mail) about the situation and that they do not have to pay these invoices”.

“In addition, correcting invoices with the correct rates will be sent to customers” – it was declared.

PGE Obrót, which sells electricity in the PGE Group, served nearly 5.5 million customers in 2021.

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