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Philippines. “Generally peaceful” elections. Murders, burning schools, buying votes

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Local elections were held in the Philippines on Monday. The local electoral commission maintains that voting was “generally peaceful” despite incidents that “should be condemned,” reports Rappler. On that day, at least 10 people were killed and three schools were burned down in connection with the elections. Police are investigating reports of vote buying and incidents at polling stations, such as tearing of ballot papers.

Security forces were on high alert in connection with the raids on Monday Philippineslong postponed elections for over 372 thousand positions in barangay councils, i.e. the smallest administrative units of the country, for which 1.41 million candidates applied.

Local elections in the PhilippinesPAP/EPA/ROLEX DELA PENA

One of the bloodiest incidents took place in the island province of Basilan in the southwest of the country, where six people, including the barangay chairman, were shot and attacked with sharp objects by attackers in front of a polling station.

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The man killed his brother, with whom he was competing for the position

In turn, in the province of Lanao del Sur, a man shot his brother, with whom he was competing for the position of chairman – reported “The Manila Times” on Tuesday.

In total, 19 people were killed in the two days before the elections and on the day of the elections, of which 14 murders took place in the Bangsamoro autonomous region in the territories inhabited by Muslims.

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Philippine National Police Chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. he said three schools that were used as polling stations were also set on fire.

“Of course there are no perfect choices.”

“The elections were generally peaceful across the country,” said the chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), George Garcia. – When we talk about generally peaceful elections, we take into account the number of voters – 92 million. Let’s say the number of people affected (incidents) is around 200,000 to 300,000, which seems like a small percentage. But of course there are no perfect choices, he added.

The electoral commission also received reports of vote buying attempts. Voters were to receive leaflets with money attached to them. In one case, the candidate offered 6,000. pesos (approx. PLN 400).

Local elections in the Philippines PAP/EPA/ROLEX DELA PENA

Politically motivated violence is not new in the Philippines. The most brutal single incident of violence occurred in 2009 in Maguindanao province, where members of the Ampatuan political clan massacred 58 people from their political rival’s convoy.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ROLEX DELA PENA

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