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Philippines. It's so hot that students fainted during classes

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The heat wave continues over the Philippines. During the week, the perceived temperature is expected to reach a record high for this time of year of 45 degrees Celsius. Due to the heat, in-person classes have been temporarily suspended. Meteorologists predict that it will be even worse in May.

The Philippine Meteorological Agency said on Monday that the air temperature in the capital region may reach a high for this time of year of 37 degrees Celsius over the next three days. The temperature felt may be even higher – meteorologists predict it will increase to 45 degrees Celsius.

Dizziness and fainting

The heat forced the country's authorities to temporarily suspend stationary classes in schools – initially for two days. The Ministry of Education reported that staying in crowded, often inadequately ventilated rooms may have a negative impact on students' health. As Benjo Basas from the local teachers' union explained, the extreme heat had an impact on teaching.

– In recent days, we have received reports of increased blood pressure, dizziness and fainting among students and teachers – he explained in an interview with a local radio station.

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The heat is bothering students in the PhilippinesReuters

The heat also bothered passengers at the Manila airport, where part of the air conditioning system stopped working in one of the terminals on Sunday. The airport authorities announced on Monday that steam fans were used to improve air circulation.

Worryingly, the heat wave may persist for a long time. According to Glaiza Escullar from the national meteorological service, there is a possibility that temperatures throughout the country will likely rise above currently recorded values ​​during the first two weeks of May.

Main photo source: Reuters

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